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  1. vikiw_bend

    Computer system - reset, or buy new ?

    Elvin, what is Microsphere building for you? And what's it going to cost? I am thinking of going to 6 core, one of the new 8th gen Intel processors.
  2. vikiw_bend

    Computer system - reset, or buy new ?

    Wow, I never thought about Microsphere. They have been here forever. Thanks, Elvin
  3. vikiw_bend

    Computer system - reset, or buy new ?

    Everyone has commented on my computer person's time/money estimate. She is a client, and we have done trade-outs for some computer help already. I don't know exactly what she is including in her estimate. But after more consideration, I am going to buy a new computer. I think that's a better option than doing a fix-it on a 7 year old box. So, again looking for recommendations on companies to deal with, something I can get for around $2k without the video card (I will re-use my brand new GTX-1060)
  4. I currently use an HP Pavilion Elite HPE desktop, almost 7 years old. Quad core i7 960@3.2 GHz 20 GB Ram, 2 sticks new this year 1.5T Seagate HDD New GeForce GTX1060 w/ 6GB 2 monitors Running Chief X9 Windows 10 64 bit. Something is going on with the system. I've done checks of the RAM and HDD for physical problems, they are ok. I'm getting BSODs and various other errors. Two options: Have a computer person sweep everything clean and install a fresh copy of Windows 10, then reinstall all my programs, etc. (I thought about doing it myself, but I would probably make things worse), my person estimated about $1700 to do all of it. Buy a new system, $2k or more would be the budget. Advice? Am I beating an almost dead horse to keep the one I have? What would you buy in my price range? NOT HP or Dell. I am done with HP and Dell products. I need to decide pronto. I am leaving for a week's vacation Saturday, and can give up my desktop to be fixed while I'm gone.Been shopping online, but haven't narrowed it down yet.
  5. vikiw_bend

    Horizontal lap siding with uneven spacing

    Doesn't matter at this point, just want to create the look.
  6. Does anyone know how to create a siding material that is horizontal lap with planks of different widths, example 8", 8", 4"?
  7. vikiw_bend

    converting layouts to dwg file

    Also, David, what is the most efficient way to group the individual files into a package that is user-friendly for the recipient?
  8. vikiw_bend

    converting layouts to dwg file

    David Potter, have you used your technique to create .dwg files that could be sold to a stock plan buyer?
  9. vikiw_bend

    X8: Edit Polyline Parts

    Adding the Complete Break tool to my hotkeys works!! Thanks for the tip, Michael. Larry, thanks for making the vid, but that's the extra step I want to avoid. It's so much easier to press the two hotkeys.
  10. vikiw_bend

    X8: Edit Polyline Parts

    These new tools might be fine for drawing, once you get used to them, but as far as editing, they are frustrating. For instance, they affect your ability to break a CAD line. For instance, you double click the Break Line tool, and in X7 or previous, you now had 2 individual line segments. In X8, no matter how you have the Connect/Disconnect CAD or the Disconnect Edges tools set, a double click on the Break Line tool gives you the same result as a single click: you now have a 2-segment polyline. So there are extra steps required now, to toggle Disconnect Edges and select the line again, then move an end of the line segment.It is a royal PITA.
  11. vikiw_bend

    Who is using Windows 10 with X8? Happy with it?

    Thank you all for your input. The majority opinion seems to be that Windows 10 is just fine. Guess I'll stay with it and learn to work around the annoyances you have spoken of. The local community college continuing ed has a class on Windows 10 coming up soon, think I'll take it.
  12. I just did the free download of Windows 10, but I'm not sure I want to keep it. I'd like to hear others' experiences and pros and cons. I'm using x8 on a Hewlett-Packard HPE-480t, 64 bit system with 3.2 GHz i7 Core processor, IDE drive, and 9G RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD 5700 series graphics card. I use two monitors. The system is a few years old, but still does what I need. So, what do you like and not like about Windows 10, and has it had any good/bad effect on your productivity, speed or efficiency using Chief?
  13. vikiw_bend

    Android Pad for Room Planner

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab E. Not what I would have picked out for myself, but it was "free" with my new phone (except for the 24 months of monthly access charges). I loaded Room Planner on it with the idea of using it in the field for as-built measurements and layout. But I don't have a clue where or how to start. If I (or an assistant) use a tape measure, then input dimensions manually, will that work out accurately enough to transfer back to CA? Or, can someone recommend a decent priced laser measure? Have you used a laser with a bluetooth hookup, and how does that work out? Does Room Planner handle anything complex? This is all very new to me - it's always been tape measure, pencil and pad (and lots and lots of time), and now with digital photos for reference. I can use all the help I can get. Room Planner is cheap, but even so, do you think it's worth having in terms of time saved vs hassle?
  14. vikiw_bend

    Break Line Tool

    Update: I tried to break my line using the icon instead of my hotkey, the complete break icon appeared, I clicked it, and got an assertion failure. Yipes! Sent it in.
  15. vikiw_bend

    Break Line Tool

    That works in X7, but not in X8. There is a new command called Complete Break, but I can't get it to work. According to the manual, you select your line, hit the Break icon, then the Complete Break icon, but the Complete Break icon does not appear anywhere to click. I have Break on a hotkey, and in X7 could just click it twice to make a complete break. I tried assigning a hot key to Complete Break, but it does not work. Time for a bug report.