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  1. Might also look at the included library items included and organized to make this work flow work. I can't imagine how much time went into this.
  2. I love this tool pack! The instructions were easy enough to follow with one minor step (at least for me) I needed to click on each icon then press enter or OK to accept the new icon which took a few seconds. Thanks again for this great tool.
  3. https://www.graphicstandards.com/gs/landing.html#searchQuery?searchQueryString=turning
  4. I have had a similar problem. (User Library) For me, the program could not find all my materials, some but not all. At some point, materials were located on a different drive or location. (new server meant new paths) The system would hang for each wrong path but it did not tell me there was a problem. every time I tried to open a library or search the system would hang for a couple minutes. I didn't know what the issue was until I tried to backup the user library, then the system reported the missing materials. I relocated the materials, changed the search file locations and if that didn't fix everything I just defaulted to using basic white. I can repair the library items if I run across the blocks that are missing the files.
  5. https://majicstairsinc.com/
  6. Contact me. I would like to get on the full "Rene Rabbit" system.
  7. I am going to purchase the pro version. On a separate note, do you have a list of the mouse and space mouse defaults you use? Can they be downloaded or do we need to set them up ourselves? Thanks!
  8. I change the glass material. In rendering view the glass is clear, but on other views it is hatched.
  9. We got our policy with Lloyd's of London. pretty reasonable rates.
  10. Are there any video tutorials on this process? I guess I have always just used the "line defaults".
  11. Here are some other hazardous locations. Hope this helps.
  12. Maybe this will help. One of my standard details here in Oregon. The detail in the lower right is for "Wet" locations (inside or out). At dry locations the height may be 36" or a rail is installed 34 to 38 inches above the walking surface. You could also use a 3m film on the inside surface that provides a safety rating. EXAMPLE: 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety & Security Window Film. It looks like this would apply to the lower sash, not the entire window.
  13. Reaching out for Simpson Strong Tie. Thanks!