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  1. Hi there,

    Thinking of getting a Leica s910 and found some old comments of yours saying you use/d it.

    Do you know if I can import the DXF it produces into CA? Or would I be better off bringing it in via Sketchup or something? I only have X6 but any light you could shed on this would be v helpful.

    I would need to get it into a format where I can get some measurements off it to check/amend my CA as built model.

    This after spending WEEKS trying to get a massive Victorian gothic building into CA where a fair bit is very inaccessible for my old Disto D5.

    Many thanks.



    1. WesternDesign


      We have only tried importing into SketchUp but that has worked great.

  2. WesternDesign

    window labels

    Well, it is a macro, but I m not sure where I got it. I have purchased from Alaskan Son (great stuff) so maybe I got it from him. I have not had the time to learn how to create my own, but it is on my "to-do" list. If inches is okay then use the basic %width%x%height% Also, if the full name takes up too much space then use %type_code% instead of %type_name% for an abbreviated version. I don't know if this is also a purchased macro or if it comes with Chief.
  3. WesternDesign

    window labels

    This is our setup (right or wrong). Same label but different options picked will show up differently.
  4. WesternDesign

    As-built time from measure to permits

    AND because this is still the same flight of stairs, the guard and handrails need to continue to the bottom. The biggest issue is indeed the inconsistency in the rise and run within a single flight of stairs.
  5. WesternDesign

    As-built time from measure to permits

    Will do. Thanks.
  6. WesternDesign

    As-built time from measure to permits

    Would you feel comfortable sharing the submital drawings? I am getting hundreds of hours wrapped up in our CDs. Thanks.
  7. WesternDesign

    Garage floor slope

    We have also used a ceiling plane. Chief really needs to address this.
  8. WesternDesign

    X11 News

    We can hope.
  9. WesternDesign

    Michael's "please post fascia problem example"

    +1 We certainly need more control on ALL of the roof functions. At this point I would settle for a completely manual option such as creating a truss or rafter profile that Chief would use for a selected roof plane or partial plane. I love Chief's auto functions but we also need the option to modify or manually build items since we don't ONLY design boxes.
  10. WesternDesign

    Is there a toggle for center on main wall layer?

    That would be helpful.
  11. WesternDesign

    Is there a toggle for center on main wall layer?

    BIG +1 Similar items have been requested before.
  12. WesternDesign

    Roof Deck Drainage

    We use a similar method as Nick Pocket Deck Details
  13. WesternDesign

    measuring roof overhangs

    We use the Leica DISTO S910 and have never looked back example: https://youtu.be/n9wPoxXUdJE?t=17
  14. WesternDesign

    Header Location

    +1 YES. We need more control over headers and an option for plates above and or below the header.