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  1. @Leadcarpo Really if you want to streamline and have this macro as well you may want to look into getting with @Renerabbittand his templates. My life got smooth and easy with his Pro plan template and pro layout templates. you can check out his discord server as well
  2. I should ask them this. didn't really want to bother them but that's probably the answer. thanks
  3. I like to get out of trouble quicker than I got into it. From time to time I get carried away with custom toolbars, Macros and scripts and do a little damage that is just easier to reinstall the software so that I know I am back to where I am supposed to be...So I can mess it up again
  4. Is there a way to get a true clean installation or reinstallation of chief products. currently I uninstall and then spend a fair amount of time in the registry so that when I reinstall it has forgotten all about me and I can work out some user created bugs.
  5. I get it. The thing is this to me. I can keep paying my SSA until something bad happens and I can't. At that point I will have whatever version that is to rebuild my business. If you are small time you can rent the program for 200.00 that month. add that to your cost for that particular project and Todd's your uncle. I hope Chief can continue and really amp up the features that I crave. I was so excited to come from Datacad to this that I couldn't even stand it. I would not have picked up an additional revenue stream for modeling if I were still stuck in that mostly 2d world. There is a huge amount of arrogance from those on here making money though that aren't really listening to what some of the other users have to say. What I might be trying to say is that I believe everyone can make this work if they think their situations through.
  6. I requested once that maybe we could assign hotkeys to library objects but the community shot me down haha.
  7. ok guys kick me off the forum. i clicked this link and they were so pretty I just had to copy them to what i thought was my onedrive folder. i really screwed this up @Renerabbitt there now resides some of the icons as copies on there. let me know what i can do to ease the pain. thanks
  8. i just quickly used a batch converter and sized these to a stream deck. you can check them out if you like.!AudNN8RY82nqgc9Oo9GgvElDD5eilg
  9. I've really been impressed with all this work that you are giving out for free and also the paid stuff (still feels free) is amazingly good.
  10. i would also be interested in purchasing your hard work, if i am allowed. I have a limited amount of capabilities up and running with mine and allot of inactive icons. It is great for novice employees or kids to give them some side money because you can set them up and say start here at the top left corner and get these generic electrical plans off my plate please and these general notes and a few other things that are great. I'm with Joe that it just doesn't feel right to leave the drawing area.
  11. While Apple uses LiDAR technology that works on the same principles as those who use it for mapping, it has certain limitations. The range of the LiDAR sensor in Apple devices is only around 5 meters, which isn’t enough for accurate 3D mapping of a large room or area. Is there a commercially available LiDAR option that is accurate and maybe not 5k? I'd love to give it a go but seems not stellar
  12. can we have it this night? id like to play with it a bit before starting a new plan on monday.
  13. not all computers have this Nahimic 3d Sound software of which you speak.
  14. I was having the deadly crashes quite constantly with multiple monitors. I was fine with just one monitor and then later switched out one of the monitors to a similar resolution and have not had any crashes in a few weeks.