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  1. thank you Sir. A big thumbs up for the fabulous effort.
  2. Thank you, these are like the popular ones in my area Very nice
  3. How true, I saw this during my engineer training during the early 80's, The minute the professor would get a pc, the larger, more complex and detailed the asignments became It is also true of the building depts locally, I am now creating a 20 sheet plan where it would have been 5 or 6 three years ago. details and more details, and yet more call for more control over how the contractor is framing and constructing the house. The part I really like is that the HVAC plans have to be done to the stage of specifying the exact equipment (to the model number) on the plans and I am also now having to add an appliance list showing the approved energy star appliances that will be installed. Alll prior to issuance of the permit to construct
  4. Ran into this tonight, any prognosis on when Chief will get the librarys fixed? BTW Rene's tutorial is great
  5. Thank you Glen, I think that this would be an option that would allow the organization of our workflow to be optimized. I will submit it as an additional feature request. V/R Merlin
  6. I have tried to utilize "Place Library Conetent" to add a tool to a tool Palette, however, it fails. Is there a way to modify a Tool Palette by adding additional library tools?
  7. Just purchased this Pro Template, Liking what I see, Still setting it all up.
  8. I also have experianced the flashing black screen in the past couple of weeks, and tonight, it just locks up when I attempt to send a exterior elevation to layout. I will contact TS tomorrow am
  9. Would also help to have location either in post, or better yet in your member id. Has a large bearing on whether an engineer is interested due to state licensing laws. Merlin W
  10. Thank you for the information. Alao, Kvies1, thanks for the differential definition standards
  11. Gentlemen, I have placed a dishwasher in a cabinet, and it fits fine, but when I do an interior iso, tt move to the back of the cabinet. I pull back into place, but it moves on its own back to the translated position. I have included two screen snips showing the problem. Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong. Merlin
  12. Thank you all for your input. I will be getting the Quadro card in a Dell Precision 7740, replacing a 8 year old Dell Precision 6800. I use the laptop to meet with clients, and to work on site in addition to at the office. I do run Creo (ProEngineer) and SolidWorks extensively in addition to Chief Architect. Thank you all again. Merlin
  13. Hello i am purchasing a new computer (notebook) which will run Solidworks and Creo in addition to CA. I notified on the suggested video cards are gaming not workstation. I plan on a Nvidea Quadra 4000. Will I have issues with CA thank you for your answers merlin
  14. You know, Dell makes a Precision Notebook Workstation in 15" and 17". I have a 5 year old one and run x10, SolidWorks, ProE, etc one it. Not cheap, (approximately 5K or so) when configured with the top nvidia graphics card, memory and disk. But then I was paying $4500 for just the video cards for the workstations when I had 7 engineers working for me in Boise. You get what you pay for especially in workstations / video.