Unable To Render An Image In Chief Architect.


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Hi everyone


I am in the process of evaluating 2 C.A.D programs one being Chief Architect and the other is Archicad.


The reason I am asking for your help is I am having real problems with the former. Whenever I try and render an image the process fails with the following message.


An unexpected error occurred while ray tracing.


It then goes on to say in the brief description of the error


C:\p4sync\dev\Releases\16\chief\source\raytrace.cpp (497): Error #272032345

"An unexpected error occurred while ray tracing."

1/8/2015 8:15:56 PM



I only have a few more days with the trial version of Chief Architect and unless I can get this problem sorted it will be unlikely I will go on to purchase it. Any help you can offer in getting this problem sorted is greatly appreciated.


For your information I am running it under Windows 7 64bit and the spec of my system is


Intel i7 4790K @ 4.0 GHz

32GB of memory

Asus GTX780ti Graphics card


Many thanks

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I would send that error to Tech Support direct , it is mostly end users here ,hopefully it isn't an overclocking issue as Raytracing is heavy on CPU usage not GPU 


as far as I know there is no time limit for the X6 Trial you seem to refer too above so hang in there :)

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I don't think there is a time limit on the Trial version , the only limitations are

Trial Version Limitations

NO Printing, Saving, Export, Virtual Tours




there is a 30 day try before you buy limitation on the full version though if you want too return it and get your money back....

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Honestly, if you mostly do residential Chief is your best bet - no matter what issues you are having with the rendering.  I own Archicad (an older version), Vectorworks (new), and Chief.  Even though Chief can be frustrating at times, and has limitations for basic modeling, i've yet to find something that comes close to its "tool-sets".  I wish badly that Vectorworks could do more of what Chief does for residential....and I wish Chief would do more what Vectorworks/Archicad does in general modeling and BIM data/docs....not to mention concept work.


In the end I find that Chief edges out the others for what I do most, but I also end up using Vectorworks for lots of concept and small modeling - so you will need another 3D app (Sketchup works too).  My draftsmen don't like Chief due to the fact they haven't mastered its LARGE learning curve.  Clients though LOVE the presentations I create on Chief though.


Its a mixed bag, but if you do a lot of large-scale Commercial then Chief isn't the best solution.

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Wow!  Yesterday I just got the same error and submitted it to Tech Support. See below:


I was thinking it may have been hardware specific, but seeing how you have an Intel/nVidia Rig verses my complete AMD Rig, it rules that out.  All I have to do is open Chief, select the sample plan and try to RayTrace... gets to the black and white checkered screen, and bombs out.  I can open Chief, draw 4 walls try to RayTrace and it does the same thing.  This is all on a fresh install of Chief. 


Hope this gets resolved soon.  I would even be willing to load a copy of the Beta X7 to give it a try.  Very weird!  And no, this is NOT in Trial mode.



Keep getting this error no matter what sample plan I try to raytrace or even if I draw just 4 walls and try to raytrace.

C:\p4sync\dev\Releases\16\chief\source\raytrace.cpp(497): Error #272032345
"An unexpected error occurred while ray tracing."
1/8/2015 11:08:29 PM

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
AMD A10-7800
AMD Radeon R7 Graphics 1024Mb
AMD Radeon R7 240Gb SSD

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