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Renderings, and rendering training. Click on the links in signature for more info.
This rendering was rendered using Chief Architect Premier X-13 with no post-production.
More renderings in my user gallery or click on the links in the signature. How can I help you?

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Are you interested in taking my concept drawings to complete construction documents for me?

Please let me know if you have any interest. 


Chad Williams

831 588 9792

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    • By Kbird1
      the X14 Layout Wall Surface Triangle Lines Issue has come back for me , using thelatest Nvidia Studio Driver in Win.10.  anyone else notice this?
      This is the Layout I am currently doing..... I am losing so much time with X14 between this , the Save Issue , and all the other "little anomalies" .....
      4 of 12 so far.......
    • By SMB2021
      Since upgrading to x14 at least 2 of my co-workers in my department are having a text issue when saving as a PDF. I have not had the issue they're having but it's becoming an "inconvenience" that if they need something sent to PDF, those of us not having the issue will have to open the file and do it for them.
      I've attached some pictures of the issue vs what it's supposed to look like.
      Is anyone else having this issue and knew the solution to fix it?
      How it looks when they send to PDF

      vs how it looks when I send to PDF

    • By SNestor
      I have a new video that shows how my "Screened Porch Library" for Chief Architect Premier works with X14...and it works great. 
      It's the easiest and fastest way to create custom looking Screened Porches...and if you are using X14 you can now see through the screen into to room. Fantastic new improvement the engineers at Chief have brought us. 
      Have a look...
    • By Designers_Edge
      1.    YES, I have read Chief Architect's X14 migration guide.  
      But I want to dive deeper.   I would love to know the way you prepare to move things over.  Do you go through and clean up files?  Do you move some files to an X13 folder that are no longer needed, but "just in case".  What about your templates you have created for Layout?  Do you clean up your library?
      I know we all approach this differently.  I have been using Chief Architect since Chief version 8.  So, have done a lot of migrations, but always feel at times it could be done more neatly, cleaner.
      Would love to hear your approach.
    • By basilbabaa
      SITUATION:  X13 3D renders, when compared to X12, appear blurred, washed out, less vibrant in quality and the vector renders have excessive line weights in X13
      Rather than hijack a previous topic thread, I am starting this topic as a result of a side conversation that emerged here-in:  
      It appears that there are others experiencing this same issue, and so I thought I would begin this here in it's own topic thread.  
      Here is a Dropbox link to image and video files (generated on both a i9 and M1 Pro Max chips) depicting the issue:
      As a note, I have already opened a support case with Chief Technical Support and they have graciously offered to look into it:  
      If anyone else is noticing lesser quality output with 3D rendering in X13 as compared to X12, perhaps we can share our experience and thoughts here as well as with support towards a workable solution.