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  1. Does anyone know the solution for this error, the "check knowledge base" referred to a read only file, but I don't understand what to do with that?
  2. That sounds great Scott, I have not been to the event before and will try to make it this year. J
  3. Is there a reset on the libraries when upgrading to x15? I can't get it to work....
  4. is there a trick to using the library...?
  5. Thank you, dealing with this very issue for a tight sloped lot with lots of restrictions on setbacks and heights.
  6. I agree with all the sentiments regarding letting the truss manufactuer use their expertise. Im just trying to chase out a minor anomoly and make sure all is in alignment to the best of my ability and nothing is missed. Im comparing notes with the Grandview Sample house and i have some questions and short of speaking with Scott Harris I am trying to find a resident expert on Chief Talk.
  7. Hello are there any truss experts on Chief Talk today? I'm trying to build a roof with mild complexity using trusses for the first time. Two issues that I am trying to work through. When I pull "multiple-copy" sometimes the auto feature is setting the truss to something other than the prescribed distance between, likely from some information below the truss and the other issue is the ceiling issue, see screenshot... So two questions? 1. What would cause the truss to build outside the prescribed distance between the trusses on a multi copy instruction and what is the beginning fix for this error message? Ty
  8. It was definitely something related to one camera view and a second monitor plugged into the laptop via HDMI. The strange thing was closing down the file resulted in the entire menu bar disappearing so that the only next option was to close and reopen the program. To the degree that I am now able to help the community in some way if this is a known problem might we label and number these issues in a type of community "case number" to help CA diagnose the issue? Just typing out loud here. I'm running windows 10 btw, and will change that in my profile.
  9. Ty, it seems to be a corrupted single camera view with some overlap using a second duplicating monitor. I switched back to just the laptop and while being a pain at least I can keep working for the moment.
  10. I close and reopen but when I start working in an existing camera view the menu disappears.
  11. Hello all, I'm trying to do some work from home on my laptop with x14, after I open a camera view my main menu bar disappears. I've not encountered this issue before. Is there a previous thread or solution that someone might point me towards? Ty
  12. Any idea why my rafter tails are showing? I've not encountered this before, i did go around and make all of the top of fascias line up.
  13. @DB, yes, my understanding is that the only way to get a larger bottom rail is to use a door and not a window. @robdyck - ...so just create a solid and place it over the existing threshold?
  14. Is there a way to get both of the thresholds to appear the same and be aluminum finish separate from door colors and the in between jamb to be white?
  15. I'm having the same issue as of the update from this morning and yes I have started a ticket too.
  16. Indicators for start are showing up on foundation even though the above-described setting is unchecked in preferences. How do I shut the graphic off in foundation plan?
  17. In summary, don't spend 20k to get back 5, just sayin...
  18. Hey Rob, I'm having a similar condition and yet I can't find the handle, have closed and reopened chief... reset toolbar config... other ideas?
  19. How do I restore my project browser? It's gone, it's not under a window, when I click on it I get a check box but no project browser...?