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  1. HI, I am a designer builder in Santa Cruz Ca. I am looking for support drafting, doing full set of construction documents. I would like very experienced people working in X12. And I have some requirements because I need drawing to be done in my style so I can work easily in them down the road. So 1. x12 2. use my templates and layers 3. study my templates and go back and forth with me to get it in my "style" , This will be slow to start and require going back to my examples and mirroring my techniques. What I am saying is I do not want someone to just take off drawing up what I send. I want someone willing to study how I produce construction documents , use the layers. lines, notes etc that I use, set up the layout pages just the way I do. If you are will to go to all this trouble please let me know. All time spent would be paid for of course. I will attached an example of a job. My Best, Chad Williams example set 1.pdf
  2. Hi Richard, Thanks for the information. Let me ask? When you say rendering do you mean doing like a ray trace or just poping up a full over view and do the overviews rotate OK? Chad
  3. Thanks to every one for the feed back Chad
  4. Is anyone using MS Surface machine with x12 ? Do you get good speed and graphics rendering? Thanks, Chad
  5. Hi All, I need to make a deck railing that has a chair back angle and a bench in front. Ideas? Thanks, Chad Williams
  6. Hi I need a local drafter to help in my business- design-build and local hands on only Chad
  7. Hi, I am looking fr a CA X 10 drafter near Santa Cruz CA? Thanks, Chad WIlliams
  8. Thanks but no I need to be person to person Thanks, Chad
  9. Yes no luck so far we are moving towards being a Design-Build firm and I need a good drafter I can sit down with. Chad
  10. Hi, I am looking for an expert CA X10 drafter to subcontract my construction documents to. Glitch is you need to be within 1 hour drive of Watsonville, CA. 95076. I have used remote people and they have been very good at there job but I have not been able to make remote communication work. I need some one I can sit with and redline projects. And the work needs to be in my templates and drawn in my style. Otherwise I can't easily edit revisions. Any one out there? My Best, Chad Williams 831 588 9792
  11. Hello, I am looking for a drafter to help in our design business. Doing as built site drawings and working up construction documents. In Santa Cruz , CA. Please contact me if interested. Thanks, Chad Williams
  12. Chad WIlliams CWDesign Soultions 831 5988 9792 Sub Drafting Marsh Job: Helle and Jason Marsh Adams Rd, Los Gatos CA Apn 098 331 07 I would like to collaborate with another draftsman to complete construction documents for this client. As soon as possible. A 3200 sort of farm house design. He has a floor plan from an internet add that he likes and wants to modify. He has supplied a bit hard to read red line. The first thing would be to have me explain that. It’s not going to be more that coping the plan off the advertisement page and me explaining the client red lines. Please supply a quote for floor plans and elevations with dimensions and my typ annotation. Which I will supply examples of per my previously completed projects. I will send my template pln as a starter file. And figure in 4 hours of meeting time with me. Meeting via ZOOM I think will work well. We need to be working in X9. I would like your quote and 3 references please. I invite you to check me out on my web site. The project info is available in a dropbox folder link is – Feel free to email any questions. What is most important to me is our ability to communicate very clearly. Work in a timely, reliable manner and absolute accuracy. My Best Regards, Chad Williams
  13. Hi , Anyone actually got material list - buy list - to work so you could hand off to a builder for lumber take offs? Chad Williams
  14. Hi , Still need help. I am a CA designer in Watsonville. Lots of experience with construction documents in Calif. Chad Williams 831.588.9792