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  1. They get these too.. just because my vids have always sucked. Haha.. like how the hades am I going to pay $350 a sq for this house at 8% Def going to try this.. yours and the other experts on here all suggested this. I'm not trying to break into Hollywood as a movie producer, I just want a very nice and clean travel path for my clients to view the product. You guys have helped tremendously. Already ahead from this time yesterday. Classic film, but now a days I fall asleep within 10 minutes. But, I should wake in time to see the credits.
  2. At 15 fps.. so it's still kinda jumpy. So a crisper run would be going to a higher fps? This one I just did ended up being almost 4 minutes long. Still needs work, however night and day using the 3DConnection mouse and making a vid (I didn't get nauseated either). This took almost 40 minutes to process.. does that seem right? I am just now learning the preview tool, that would have saved time waiting to see the results after the render. I am using a standard camera.
  3. You need help... LOL. I'm just trying to get the camera from dancing all over, and your making it to a music track. Your def in a different league. I have watched this and attempting my second go round. My first one, was all set at 3 seconds.. and man did it fly.. So this attempt I dropped about half the cameras to 1.5. It doing its "rendering" now.. This takes time, doesn't it? I had 82 frames in a 2 bedroom 1600 sq home, is this excessive? How do you guys stop, and pick up elsewhere? Or do I need to watch that vid again?
  4. HAHA.. THIS IS ME TO THE TEE.. and it sucks. If I get dizzy, I know my clients are like wtheck!! I've never tried doing it via a path before, but it all make sense. Wow, Ok.. thank you Coop. Watching now. Do you spend a lot of time on these? I am working from behind with my resent PC issues.. I'm like a month behind, but catching up quickly and I don't want to spend hours on this.
  5. Oh man did I feel you pain for the whole month of November.. It was so frustrating, and in a stressful kinda way. I tried everything, reboots, updating all the drivers, uninstall and reinstall windows, drivers, etc.. I broke down and just called Dell. It ended up being a hardware issue. My power supply took a surge, enough to burn out a phase, but enough for the computer to work, barely. It took Dell over a month to get the PC fixed, but she's running like brand new again. I can move a door, and it moves in real time. If yours is under warranty still, get them to do a diagnosis. Dell remoted in, so I didn't need to take the tower anywhere. Your specs look like you shouldn't have any issues at all.
  6. Hello Chiefer's.. I frequently use Chiefs OOTB camera to do walk throughs and arounds.. it sucks. Sorry, but it does. One minute on space mouse forward motion is only 3 second of vid. (vids are too fast and choppy). Besides going outside Chief (like Twinmotion, which I am going to get used to using), is there another software a person can use to record walk throughs? I'd like to be to one to one, meaning one minute of walking around equals one minute of vid (you know, like the real world). OR is there a setting I just am not using??? My compression is at 75% and my FPS is 50.
  7. Wow.. there is going be a huge difference in a lot of things for you. Plenty of new car smells, with bells and whistles too. Shoot, I just start getting used to the new stuff when another release comes out. :-)
  8. @Kbird1 Ok.. I was hoping like $299.. LOL. Still need to check the numbers before years end, I might need more write offs. Do you know if the SSA is required for each license? Wishful thinking says no, but I probably already know the answer.
  9. I recall this now, back in the day when Chief changed their direction, a lot of peeps were upset at the time. I didn't think much about it, since I had "mine".. and really wasn't planning on adding another system for just me. Thanks Ryan.
  10. Hey Chief... I recently bought a laptop to keep the business going, since my desktop STILL hasn't been fixed by Dell. Supposedly tomorrow, hoping so. My question is, this toggling back and forth to transfer my lone license is a PITB, when do you plan on having a sale for a person who needs a second license and who is current on his SSA? Thanks
  11. I had the same issue a while back Dano. What you need to do is open the room dbx of that "open below" area of the floor above that landing. Go to the structure tab and edit the floor structure, by deleting the materials. Once deleted, your Floor Structure will be 0". Hit Ok, then that OSB will disappear. Hope this helps. I am assuming your using X15. Regardless, should work with any prev release.
  12. I always wondered how does one prove you or I copied a plan? I can see if I sold one set to a builder to build one house, but then a year later I see the same house built multiple times. That I can prove, but lets say you give me a magazine page because you just love the layout. I get your layout close, but with different variables so its 95% the same (different kitchen sink location, a little larger footprint or I used brick in lieu of stone).. Is it a copy still? With a million plus houses out there, even if one hasn't "copied on purpose", there has to be duplicates. Only so much you can do with a 2000 sq, ranch, right? So I guess to answer your original question, I don't duplicate any existing plan 100%. I do something to make it its own unique original. That should keep me from any litigation, IMO. Are you being accused or are you just thinking about potential liability?
  13. @Flash691 Hi there Robbie. I'm not in Marianna but just south of Tallahassee, so we are about an hour and half apart via I10. I was through that way last week matter a fact. Let me know how I can help.
  14. It is a lot of work... and not always friendly to use, but I haven't found another way way. Can always do a wall def with the reveal backing showing, and then model individual panels with solids.. let me know if you find a simpler way.
  15. Hey Thomas, As mentioned, you will have to model the beams, post and footings manually. Start by building your foundation wall (walls with footings), then build your floor framing, so you can strategically place your beams. There is a post with footing pulldown to get you started, then use your floor/ceiling beam tool. Its really not that hard, just more time consuming than a house on slab.
  16. Yeah they do this all the time, I just note it on my plans and they make it happen. I was wondering if I could show in Chief.. with auto roof truss framing.
  17. As the title states, I am putting an air handler in the attic of this small 1400 sq single level home. Actually, they do that a lot here in the panhandle of FLO. How do I notch out an area so that the trusses do not fill this area? It's too late to do anything on this house, but my next house will have the same situation. Do I need to make a "room" def. up here?? Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks in advance
  18. I always turn the corner with the full height wall with brick, by like 24".. then continue on with the pony. This way you wont have the gap on the end of the brick wall (where air gap is)
  19. I rarely use Chiefs backdrops just for the thing you mentioned and also the actual views we have to chose from. Who builds there home on a wave, in the middle of a lake or in the middle of the road as what we have with our choices. If I can get to the site, I take pictures.. if I can't Google Earth is the route.
  20. I agree.. I'm not a hunter, so how many point is that. Doesn't look like the 8 point I see hanging on my friends wall.
  21. This is what I do as well. Comes in handy with survey plans, so I don't have to duplicate the legal descriptions plus any thing else that might be on it. I just draw the lot, easements and placements of structures and misc.
  22. Thank you all.. Had a storm roll through and had no power for a bit today, is why I am replying so late. I think underground lines in my subdivision must be water logged because for some reason this year the power shuts off even during a mild shower.. at least it seams that way. I can do that Chop, I was asking in particular for when I am in a door or window dbx.. I know how to do this, but your answer Robert and that vid you made Steve, cleared some things up, PLUS it will aide to others. I blame the heat for not being clear in my OP. What I was trying to ask or maybe wonder for a future suggestion if it was possible to have the door and window specification dbx have the options to add-change or delete and stack molding. Without having to create a saved profile or 4 piece stack molding part like Steve showed. We can do this in the room specifications under molding tab, is why I ask.
  23. I am trying to figure out how to build up (or stack up) molding. Meaning, I want two or three moldings combined as one. Mainly need for lintels, for windows and doors, since the dbx won't let you build them like you can in a room molding dbx. Will be suggesting this when I am done here.
  24. Great web site Gene. Full of information esp. the process. Thanks. Why did you have to do saw cuts 24" on centers? Did your plan showed that or the contractors plan? I didn't really see where they mentioned new construction, but I would assume they don't grind and polish until the house is dried in. So your house was on a wooden frame, that's why the 3 plates.. Now that I've had a cup of coffee, I had to read that again. I used Cloudy Stained Concrete via Chiefs core catalog. I set a thickness on top of my concrete slab (4 1/2") as 1/32". I didn't realize there were so many color and style options. I will pass this onto my clients for them to review as well. This is a Jacksonville company, I wonder if they'll come west to Tally, a 2.5 hour drive on I-10.. There reviews were all great.
  25. To my concrete Chiefers... I have a descent sized house that the clients wants a polished concrete slab throughout. Any special notes or requirements that I need to call out? Google gives you a thousand different answers, so I am looking for more of a direction by asking you pros. I typically use a 4" monoslab, I know because of the grinding and polishing I will need to go thicker. So far this is what I have called out, please tell me if I am going in the wrong direction. Min. 4 1/2" thk slab/slump min. compression of 4000#. What about joints? Special aggregate?