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  1. No kidding... I should have known! The one place I didn't look was at my active default sets. SMH. Thank you Eric!
  2. I love using Chiefs note speciation balloons for many reason. One for the clutter (just a more clean look), two so I can use the same balloon elsewhere instead of making a text line fit. With a legend on each sheet, its easy to read too. Here is my question; we have the ability of making "notes" with varies balloon shapes for Baths, Electrical, Exterior, Framing, General, HVAC, Kitchen, Plot and Roof. How do I control the layer automatically? For example, I use the "General" for basic floor plan notes for call outs... and it puts in on the layer "Text, Notes" layer. But when I go to a electrical plan for example, and want to add a "electrical note", it puts it on the same "Text, Notes" layer, thus turning all the other notes on.. until I manually move it to the electrical text layer (for example). Then to avoid turning the "Text, Notes" layer on to continue noting in electrical (again for example), I have to copy and change text >copy electrical balloon just created>change text for a new assigned number. Is there a way that I can just do a note and not copy-then retype a new note? Meaning, is there a way with every note category (as noted above) it puts it in its own layer automatically. I don't know if I am making sense.. hopefully so.
  3. Thanks Eric, Interesting, you did something I never thought of doing and that is to lay a wall down against the exterior wall. I will def try the next deck I do, which it seams like its every other house.
  4. I do too... thanks for letting me know it still hasn't changed. Seems like an easy thing for a programmer to set, but I'm not a programmer either, so.. I guess my fix is to put in a psolid at every point of contact then, so I don't have a gap. I know we've suggested it before, with a hundred "pluses" .
  5. As we all know Chief still needs to work on decking, and one of the main things is the way a deck ledger board attaches to the structure. By the time I moved each one out to its proper location, and adjust beams, deck planking, I have a couple hours to think about this. Here is my question; because the deck ledger board "sits" inside a wall framing by Chiefs default, and because we have to move it out, how do we fill in the gap left now that this board is missing? This all being said, if this was fixed in 14, my bad, I still need to an update. Be blessed!
  6. Hey Marc, I don't know what others do, but I figured the expert plumbers will know how to pipe pre-slab pour. However, on my foundation plan I turn the reference display on to locate all the fixtures, then put a little symbol (solid circle) at each location (not dimensioned) with a note to see the plan. When all fixtures are "located" I turn the reference display off. Nothing fancy, but gives the contractor a heads up to look at the plan...
  7. Hey Chiefer's.. Got everything running on the new pc.. its windows 11 and that in itself is a different mentality. The thing I am trying to figure out is; when I have Chief loaded, and I want to open another Chief file, for example a layout file, the Chief file explorer screen will not let me move or reduce in size. I cant grab the edges, or corners, or pick to relocate. Do one of you knowledgeable people know if I must have hit a magic button or something? Its kind of a PITA, esp. when I want to see something in the model. This goes for when I am picking material, textures, bump maps too. BTW, I can manipulate an actual file explorer screen... just not inside of Chief.
  8. Is it because its a railing wall? I have this issue all the time it seams and a Poly has the been the only thing I know to do to fix it.
  9. Would this be a virtual thing? I def like Joe's ideas as well.
  10. Ok.. good. I was hoping I didn't have to buy another license. I can have Chief loaded on as many computers as I want, but only one can be active at a time. True! Hope this new big boy box helps w more speed and keeps my soffits from looking green. :-)
  11. This doesn't look scary :-) How does this all work with Chief? I have one license.. do I need to load Chief X14 on new pc first, and will loading new create just that standard OOB libraires? Then I can transfer the additional catalogs, user stuff after the fact? And loading on the new, will that cancel my X13 license on the old? I'm not sure how the license thing works.
  12. Yeah.. this looks scary to this non techy guy. The tips look doable though. Thanks.
  13. Maybe I'm not putting in the correct search words, but I could have swore I saw a post with steps of moving everything Chief to a new pc. Any help locating, or your own steps would be helpful. Thanks,
  14. That was the first go was a rail wall. But this is a stair and landing, and I couldn't get it to follow.
  15. Thank you Robert! First time I used a ramp.
  16. Here you go.. a very stripped down version. RAILING ISSUE.plan
  17. Going to ask this and head to bed. Hope one of you brilliant people have a suggestion. :-) I have a simple railing here.. but for some reason there is a doorway in it that can be picked but not deleted. I have deleted 20 times to no avail. I redrew the railing numerous time and a door pops back in is place. I have all my layers turned on in hopes to finding an invisible reason.. nothing. I've even "changed" the door type to be able to pick something.. nope! Too late to be this stumped. Happy Belated Fathers Day to you all!
  18. Hi Ed.. I have had the problem before also. I kept moving the complete pole dimension away from the object, and it fixed itself. However, this def needs to be fixed. We only have so much paper space..
  19. Just build the foundation Jon.. that will create level 0
  20. Pretty cool... not a cookie cutter house here for sure!
  21. I have a client in Mexico Beach FL.. doing a addition for her. But she was telling when Michael came in (2019), that her house did not flood (same predicament as what you mentioned) from rising waters, but from the sewer backing up into her house. I don't know if you have that kind of concern, but I thought I'd mention it. She has since added a check valve to that line.
  22. Gents, A couple thing you will need to do to get close to what you want as the example. To get the shadow, in your plan view pick the camera for the elevation view (don't open the view) and "Open Object". Check Show Shadows and Ray Casted Sun Shadows. OK. I always say no the "Cad Clip Lines" After that is set, open up the view to get the shadows you like. I saw a example on another Chief project where they put a date and time of the "sun shadow" on that view. It helps, because every time you may have to open, you will know how to make that setting. You can see it on the bottom corner of my attachment. Now that your view is loaded on the layout sheet, pick that view, as I show and open object. You will see a layout box specification. Play with the Edge Line and Pattern Line defaults to get what you like. To each his own. Hope this helps. I got a lot of tips by pulling up some Chief plans and surfing.. Also some guys and gals on here have some great advice..