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    affordable X11 license

    As Joey mentioned, try the rent to own method. I did it back in 2016 when I was first starting out. Worked great, payment was less than $100 a month. Was no BS either, you get the full version, it all was legit. I continued with the SSA after wards.
  2. mtldesigns

    Ceilling Height on plan

    Start a text, when the box appears, there is a "insert" at the top (>M) with a pull down... ... select GLOBAL ...........then select ROOM INFO this will give you a list of macros to put in your plan. One being what you are asking. Hit OK, and the room you placed that text will show ceiling height. Copy and paste that text to all rooms you need to show the info.
  3. mtldesigns

    Perspective Framing Overview???

    Does it say 3D Framing Set at the top?
  4. mtldesigns

    Custom schedule

    Builder wanted a framing schedule of all the cut list... in an excel spreadsheet, so he can add pricing to the members, and see how many cuts he can get out of a stick. I guess the cost of lumber is getting so crazy high, that they are now nickel and diming every stick. This was easy to do, but I could not get OSB to drop onto this custom schedule. I see that its on a material list, but how do I get to pull onto a schedule? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Custom schedule

    Thanks Robert, Thanks Michael, Robert, I did give this builder (actually he's the project manager) the "buy list" of the ML.. and said it had too much stuff, and it did (I had everything checked). Based on your suggested, I did some deeper research, and saw where I could narrow this down via categories.. cool. I uploaded this to excel, and passed on to him. I like the idea he can put the price in and add adders.. already set up to calc cost. THANK YOU! He's the numbers guy there, so we will just let him play with the price list Michael, I understand what you are saying in that its not an "item" to pick, like a a actual wood framing member is, because no matter how hard you try, you can't grab a board. I was just thinking since we set both the framing and the OSB up in the wall type dbx, and the framing was pick able from the schedule list, why wouldn't OSB. Anyways, that's where I was going with my OP. Thanks for the direction.
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    How to make half a room open to the 2nd floor ceiling

    Just as Eric just said..
  7. mtldesigns

    How to make half a room open to the 2nd floor ceiling

    Hi Mike, Is this what your needing to do? If so, its simple.. just go the second floor, and after drawing your dividing line, the room you want to be open below, go to the room dbx and rename to "open below"
  8. mtldesigns

    Custom schedule

    Thanks Michael. I guess I was asking more on why isn't OSB as a "category to include" in a custom schedule, and how to add it to the list to pick from. I have 13 houses I have to go thru and do this schedule for. In the mean time, I will copy and paste the OSB from the ML to the schedule.
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    Footers under basement slab

    What's your stem wall height compared to the ceiling height. The stem height (room dbx) should be rough ceiling height plus your slab thickness.
  10. mtldesigns

    Unwanted lines in section view

    I know I've seen this before, and I know I can delete these lines.. but how do I do it again? Ugh.. I tried many words in search to find a resolution, and could not. I swear I just saw this the other day too. Any quick help is appreciated.
  11. mtldesigns

    Unwanted lines in section view

    Chop.. Even though its the same wall type on the exterior side, on the interior, there is a high cathedral ceiling in that section.. therefor drywall. Making a diff wall type. I'm fine with it, just could not remember how to delete the lines in layout.
  12. mtldesigns

    Unwanted lines in section view

    geez... I was trying to do in the actual section view. Thanks Eric..
  13. mtldesigns

    Drafter Needed

    Hi Chad, Wish I could help you, kinda buried myself at the moment. I was intrigued when you mentioned your way and layers, so I had to look at your pdf. I like it for sure.. but what I really liked was the font style (see the attached). What font is this that is in block form. I love the "drafting" look of it. Good work on the rest of the package too. Good luck finding help!
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    Schedule Row Heights

    I am trying to combine a Electric legend with a schedule. So this thing has to show the CAD symbol, type of elec. fixture, quantity and comment field. I have spent almost an hour searching, and maybe I overlooked it.. but how can I get the row heights smaller on a schedule? I know how to reduce the scale of the 2D image and how to manage the text size and column widths.. but cannot for the life of me find how to adjust the height of the rows.
  15. mtldesigns

    Schedule Row Heights

    Gone all day and back at it.. That was it Michael. I deleted the three ceiling fans, "just to see".. because that was the only fixture that could be big enough to mess with the scaling. I still wish that I more control over the width and height of these schedules.. like a excel spreadsheet. Thanks gents!
  16. mtldesigns

    Schedule Row Heights

    That's what I have checked Eric.. Chop, I pull the column grips horizontally and the height stays the same...
  17. mtldesigns

    rotate post

    Pict the post, use the arrow to rotate. If you have a line drawn of the angle you want it to be, use the parallel/perpendicular tool at the bottom and align with that line.
  18. mtldesigns


    Go to Active Layer Display Options. Make sure this isn't locked.
  19. mtldesigns

    Looking for ideas for framing

    The only time I had to show these frame details is for a client that had four diff. plans that were going to factory built each section and assembled at the site. Basically a kit. Have you tried controlling by the layers in the Framing Overview camera? Roof and ceiling and walls framing have their own layers, could turn the one's you don't want to show off to get the illustrations.
  20. OK, I have searched and not finding anything and needing someone's help. I know some of you Chiefer's can go right to the spot and communicate back, and I will appreciate that. I need to create two different default sets and text styles. I remember seeing a chart or topic on how to scale the character height by the text scale. Where is that? I need to create a 3/32" and 3/8" default sets. I am guessing here by using a ratio that if 1/4" is 6" height and 1/8" is 12" height, would 3/32" be 15" and 3/8" be 9". Back in the day using Paperspace in CAD, I could do the math.. but not sure how Chief does it. Thanks in advance.
  21. mtldesigns

    dimension & text character height default

    You know I asked the question before I went for it, wanted my ducks in a row.. before I adding the two styles. If I would have just done it, I would have seen the "scale" tab next to the character height. One of those brain moments. STILL.. would like to know how Chief comes up with these. Thanks Glenn, DE, Eric, and Chop.
  22. mtldesigns

    dimension & text character height default

    Got it now.. thanks... I knew I've seen this before.. just didn't click where.
  23. mtldesigns

    dimension & text character height default

    Sorry for the confusion DE. Where is this dbx Glen? And this exactly what I need.. if I can find it.
  24. mtldesigns

    dimension & text character height default

    Hey DE I took the 1/4" scale @ 6" and the 1/8" scale @ 12" from the defaults setting. Chief does this backwards, at least it seams its backwards. 1/2" scale has 2" text height (OOB). Am I being dyslexic, thought I wrote it right?
  25. mtldesigns

    Designing a swimming pool bottom of varying depth.

    I am assuming that's the bottom? Not that I am aware of to answer your question. But someone else on here might know of a better way and would be glad to know how myself. The video I attached below, is what I used as my go-to back in 2016. He used roads for the bottom, which might work in your case, trial and error i guess. I used a solid for my pool bottoms and extended the length.