Cabinets deleting windows.


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3 hours ago, KingsOwn said:

Here's the plan - I hope I've posted it correctly?

No, you exported it as a dwg file (CAD).

To see the issue you have it needs to be a native Chief file, a plan file.


With the plan file open use-File, Backup Entire Plan- check backup plan files only and send backup to zip.


IF the resulting zip file is larger than 14 MBs you can't post it here. Then either place on cloud with a link or strip it down to the problem room(s).


FWIW- when I've gotten weird things happen, that nobody else has seen yet, I've had them go away after either close and re-open Chief or better still after a full reboot. Hence they can not be reproduced. This is on Windows, we have no idea what OS you use?

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