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  1. Ghost in the machine? I just saved my file with a new name and the problem has gone away. Thanks a lot for everyone's attention - still don't know why that happened, but happy now it's gone.
  2. Sorry - forgot to say I'm using Windows 10.
  3. Thanks very much Mark, Zip file here.
  4. Here's the plan - I hope I've posted it correctly? In this plan if I place a new cabinet or edit size one of the existing cabinets in the kitchen the window in the wall that the cabinet is against is deleted. Thanks for your consideration. Mahakipawa 15.dwg
  5. I have a problem in one file where windows drop out, or are deleted when I place a new cabinet or adjust an existing cabinet that is against the wall containing the window. Anyone had this happen. Any solutions? Thanks. Ian
  6. Hi Glenn, is it simple to explain the reason for that, or is it better if I go through the manual again? thanks!
  7. Hmmmmm...I have never done that (draw at 1:1 then scale to layout), have I been missing something? I have always drawn at the scale that my drawings will be in layout.
  8. Since updating to X13 I have a problem with text size changing in my cad detail drawing. For example, I am drawing a detail at 1:2 scale and at some point when I go to add new text the text default changes to 1:100 scale text (the default scale of my plan file).
  9. KB...yes I was using manual - I'll try Auto, thanks.
  10. Hi KB Thank you!! That makes perfect sense.
  11. Thanks very much to everyone. I now have some methods to work with. All your ideas/advice is much appreciated.
  12. The problem as I am interpreting it, is that Michael's method produces a roof with only one plane - or have I missed something? Oh - and I'll check the fascia materials.
  13. This is what I got using Eric's suggested method - now got conical curve. By the by - does anyone else get this happening where the rafter material defaults to the roofing material?