Window sill apron moulding

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17 minutes ago, GeneDavis said:

Is there a way to get beyond simply check-boxing an apron under the sill, and specifying a molding?  


 it can be done, you have to draw a Sill with the Apron as one piece and add it to the library, then you can apply it to the Window.


down-side is it may not look 100% right depending on the Wrap and extend settings needed on the Sill



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7 hours ago, GeneDavis said:

I've done that and it does not give good results for me.


Eric @solver and I worked through that on another thread and seemed to be able to make it work consistently.



On the other hand it was quite a pain and would be much easier with the DBX support you are suggesting.


Let us know if we can help out until Chief catches up.  Post your profile and alignment requirements.

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