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This has been requested many times but apparently not enough yet.


For now you may be able to get away with just painting with "Opening (no material)" and replacing the outer stringers with polyline solids by creating a Cad detail from view of a section to use to snap the new stringers to.  However that will only work for a standard view.


If you need to show a vector illustration you may need to also replace the treads so that you can use a manual railing and turn the "Stairs & Ramps" layer off all together in camera view.


Another workaround would be to use "No Material" but that is also not an option as of yet.


If that does not make any sense, post your plan file and someone will help out.

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10 minutes ago, ShaneK said:

David gets a point or 2 or 3 but do tell your method of madness.


It's really simple. I draw the stairs in another cad program, save as a symbol, import into chief architect

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1 minute ago, parkwest said:



Could you change the width of the stringers? 

I did not try and I'm sure I can't without workaround of some sort. Love the challenge  and all you smart folks sharing info.

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