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  1. DG1949's post in Lock or Shift the Fill Pattern to Polyline was marked as the answer   
    You can select the polyline and the grid fill and create a block. However, if you "un-block, the fill pattern will revert. 
    Alternatively, you can move the fill pattern with the "Offset and Angle" values, but that won't lock to the polyline. 
  2. DG1949's post in Roof Framing Not Generating was marked as the answer   
    Build>Roof>Edit all Roof planes>Structure>Roof Layers>Structure>Select your rafter material (Color-Brite) and tick ON "Framing" option. Then click OK. Then tick on "Build Roof Framing".  Then OK. 
  3. DG1949's post in Auto Interior Dimensions Drop down choice gone from defaults was marked as the answer   
    Hi Tammy, Click on a room and look for it on the bottom of your screen. It has been removed from the auto dimensions drop down and is now done on a room to room basis, instead of all the rooms at once.