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  1. I don't know what to look at but here is what the screen shows when I went PBR on Chief... (screen shot on right) The GPU load got as high as 98%. One thing different now is Chief didn't crash after I turned the camera back to Standard mode but my second screen is still covered with green specks? (screen shot left) Oh yeah, nvidea had another driver update this morning.
  2. Boy! What an adventure… Mark, I did the nvidia driver routine with tech support already. I am going to go back and check all the suggestions on here to make sure I didn’t overlook any.
  3. Here is what I currently have: Now I am getting these yellow splotches! HELP!
  4. Screen view after I uninstalled x13 and reinstalled:
  5. I did this and now get pretty blue splotches... Going to For Joe:
  6. Not sure what you mean. (wouldn't tech support know about that?)
  7. Strange thing is the PBR and ray tracing works fine on the new release of my other CAD program.
  8. This is reply to Rene... not to get confused with multiple responses. Thanks everyone Yes, one of the first things I tried... in case a corrupt template was involved. I wish I could copy and paste what tech had me do but not sure I can do it on the open forum.
  9. thanks Rene! Yes, geforce driver is the latest. Any idea what would cause the time-out issue?
  10. Thanks for the help. Mark. I feel like a child would who has been told he can't play with his new toy... only get to watch the other kids playing with the new toy.