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  1. parkwest

    How can I speed up Layout?

    I've been downvoted before for answering a question. LOL It would be nice if names were attached to both the upvotes and downvotes to see what was going on with those votes... I know those votes must be important somehow. ;-)
  2. parkwest

    Menu bug

    Great suggestion! Create a SUPPORT icon under the HELP tab that automatically gathers the info and sends it in to support. That would make it easier for customers to get the information to the developer that the developer needs to fix the problem.
  3. parkwest

    Can I designate an area as the garage?

    Chief has good getting started videos...
  4. Your example didn't show so I went to your website. Do you have an example of what you want your permit set to look like?
  5. parkwest

    plotting problems

    Try plot to PDF in Chief and then print from the PDF...
  6. parkwest

    Log House

    Sorry, but I have only done log homes using SoftPlan.
  7. parkwest

    Pool Table Sizes vs Room size

    And remember to beef up the floor system to support the weight of the pool table, unless the pool room is located on a concrete slab floor. Otherwise you will have the balls following you as you walk around the table.
  8. parkwest


    1. Send main floor plan to main floor plan layout page. 2. Copy main floor plan from main floor layout page. 3. Go to Foundation page in layout, place and hold position. Change to Foundation View. 4. Go to Second floor Layout page and repeat step 3 except change view to Second Floor.
  9. parkwest

    Trusses and Roof Framing et al

    Can you note the ridge board as truss blocking?
  10. parkwest


    Have you tried the copy, place and hold method?
  11. parkwest

    Septic Leach Line Detail ?

    Usually the county health dept lets you know what is required based on a soil and perc test. system design and size can vary widely%2C,water bodies%2C weather conditions%2C or even local regulations.
  12. I have a meeting to run to right now... but here is a link that might help you.
  13. The closest CAD I know of to do what you want is SoftPlan. You can load the software on as many computers as you need to get the job done and then transfer your USB hardware key to the machine you want to work on... or buy multiple keys. One feature I like is the software tracks when a plan file is in use by someone so another user can't come in and accidently overwrite the file while another is using it. All projects can be set so they will be automatically saved to the cloud.
  14. parkwest

    60" Wide Island Hood

    The closest I could find is a Jenn Aire 42"
  15. When I got a new iPad, it copied everything from my old iPad. I just checked and RoomPlanner seems to be working on the new iPad.