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  1. Maybe if you could tell us what exactly are you wanting to do with a cad program, we might be able to help you. Are you doing only interiors? 3D modeling? Or full construction documents? Are you working solo? Or do you need group capabilities? Do you plan on doing one of a kind custom homes? Or is your focus going to be remodeling? These are just a few questions that came to mind that might help you in your search for a software solution.
  2. I updated chief this morning and didn’t have a freeze yet today . I was about fed up with this stuff, but life is good again. Anyone else have good results from the last patch update?
  3. I am not finding the topic in the search. Can anyone remember where this topic is? I am working on a tight deadline and was hoping to find this symbol somewhere... Thank you,
  4. You might want to try Simpson Deck Planner. It might be better suited for what you want.
  5. Check the court you will be filing the claim in and see if they do teleconference or zoom meetings. Since the scamdemic, this is a new option to “going to court”
  6. And you believe foreclosing a lien on their house will be cheaper and easier???
  7. Have you looked into filing in small claims court? Would be a lot quicker and cheaper than foreclosing on mechanic’s lien, imho. Check the county where the non-payer lives for starters.
  8. Thanks Mick for the reminder. Been playing with x14 and might have missed this.
  9. I took a quick look at what you have so far and there are quite a few things that need to be cleaned up, adjusted or fixed. Most ICF's I have experience with come in 4 foot length... may I suggest that you adjust your exterior dimensions to reduce waste. And, eliminate all fractional inches for your exteriors, including opening locations. May also want to flip the layout so the garage is in the NW corner of the house to help reduce winter winds hitting the house directly. I am sorry but there is no pizzazz to your front elevation...
  10. Check your wall type and make sure you are using exterior railing, instead of interior railing.
  11. I started using Kofax Power PDF Advanced... so far, so good!