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  1. parkwest

    Hold harmless/Liability Exemption

    I have a clause saying the first option to resolve a difference in opinions is by using the small claims court system... fast and cheap, and no lawyers. If the amount is over the small claims court's limit, then we proceed to Binding Arbitration.
  2. parkwest

    Remote access to main computer

    I wonder if you could get Zoom to work for you...
  3. parkwest

    Hold harmless/Liability Exemption

    One of the mistakes I see repeatedly in small businesses is the self-employed "working for wages" without factoring in the total cost of being in business.
  4. parkwest

    Hold harmless/Liability Exemption

    You need to factor in the full benefit package.
  5. parkwest

    Hold harmless/Liability Exemption

    What does your lawyer suggest? Seeing how the average factory worker is getting $63/hr, you should price your services to make a profit.
  6. Sent you some information in message. Let me know if it helps...
  7. parkwest

    Dishwasher Placement

    Is your default cabinet height set to 34 1/2 inches?
  8. parkwest

    Error message - extents of view unusually large

    Turn all layers on. Zoom extent. Marquee the perimeter and locate wayward objects.
  9. parkwest

    Existing barn to residence

    I was going to suggest using lighter fluid and a match... but Kbird’s 2nd suggestion would work better.
  10. parkwest

    Set Mfr cabinet catalog as default?

    Not that I know of.
  11. parkwest

    Set Mfr cabinet catalog as default?

    do you see the white wrench?
  12. parkwest

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    No one seems to want to talk about the elephant in the room...
  13. parkwest

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    And all this time I have been concerned with whether it is Grey Poupon or Gray Poupon...
  14. Bob, have you tried using a finished layout to generate your saved plan views?