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  1. I have it, Glennw. Thank you to all who helped with your suggestions. Here is what I have so far today...
  2. Okay, p-solid it is. I was hoping for something easy since we can rotate the post by inserting an angle... I thought just maybe...
  3. May I ask what format you have found to be the best format to export your Chief model into Twin Motion?
  4. Anyone have a quick solution to placing post so they angle out away from house? see red post in picture below...
  5. Some useful information…
  6. I was told by support that I needed to pause my OneDrive sync while using Chief… that is what they think is causing chief to freeze up. Seems to work so far.
  7. Let me know if I can help your friend get going here.
  8. Do you have a link to this video?
  9. How much do you charge for putting together a video like this for your clients?
  10. Here, I found a short video of using building options:
  11. To be honest, this is how I handle the situation you have…
  12. How about saving each option as a group symbol to your user catalog and then use the “Replace” command to show the customer her choices?
  13. I used to live in Park City… I might be able to send someone in to measure it for you. How big is the house?
  14. Costco has a gaming computer for $3k that looks good.
  15. I gave up on the viewer a while back. I now put together a series of snapshots into a youtube video for the customer. Here are a couple recent Exteriors with my new RTX 3070 card...