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  1. parkwest

    Wrapping Cedar Post with Stone

    David Michaels has a library of custom posts that might be useful for you.
  2. parkwest

    Continuous Insulation Wall Assembly

    This is typical... didn't see any details showing 2 vapor barriers...
  3. parkwest

    Leica Disto X3 or X4

    I have an x4... works fine for what I need.
  4. To go with Alaskan’s comment... a lot of people don’t realize that change requests also have an effect on the documents submitted to the construction lender and the end loan providers and their appraisals. I have seen more than one homebuyer thinking they could just add the cost of the changes to their end loan, to then find out otherwise. Building a custom home should be a 3 stage process, without those stages overlapping. 1. Dream it. The client puts together a wishlist of styles, textures and finishes. 2. Plan it The designer puts together a plan incorporating what will work from the wishlist and fit the client’s budget 3. Do it. The builder takes the plan and takes his team and turns the plan into reality.
  5. On most of the projects I know the onsite planset must be the one stamped by the building department which is attached to the building permit. Any revisions need the plans to be resubmitted to the plan review department... Imho, the best solution would be for the architect/designers and client to “get their act together” and finalize their plans, specs and selections before giving the plans to the builder. Isn’t that the intent and purpose of 3D modeling in the first place? If you are the project manager, why would it NOT be your job “to distribute and enforce the use of the most current plans?” One of the reasons I only build using my own plans is to avoid this revision nightmare in the first place. This has allowed me to get the production phase down to 60 days, from breaking ground to certificate of occupancy. This saves my clients a lot of time and money in carrying cost.
  6. There’s some good Planroom apps available. Would that work for you?
  7. parkwest

    Assistance with Finalizing Blueprints

    Hello Steve, I was trying to give you a suggestion to help you get some help with your search. I would be glad to help you out but $25/hr is quite a bit less than $1,000/day rate.
  8. parkwest

    Assistance with Finalizing Blueprints

    Can you post a sample of what you have and what you want done? Different localities have different requirements...
  9. parkwest

    Kick Board Under Exterior Door

  10. parkwest

    Kick Board Under Exterior Door

    Don’t forget to add the metal threshold on the sill.
  11. parkwest

    garage designation and separation

    Have you asked your local building dept this question?
  12. parkwest


    If you are the only one having this problem, that might be a starting point.
  13. parkwest

    Creating Desert Landscape

    If you are going for realistic landscaping, have you tried Twin Motion?
  14. parkwest

    Creating Desert Landscape

    Looks like you are missing the cholla and greasewood...