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I'm taking my first set of plans and sending them to layout. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Does anyone have an outline or something they follow when they create construction drawings? Or good references I can follow? I also may be interested in having someone create them for me (if I can't get through it), is this something that is available? 




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You could download some of the plans from the Samples Gallery , eg the Lake Point Plan and use it for guidance, there is a good set of Videos that go along with that Plan Set too.

There are a number of People on the Forum  who offer paid help to other members too , most have posts in the Offering or Seeking Forum.



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There are sample plans you can download and use as reference on the website.  It will also depend a lot on the nature of the project and the requirements of the jurisdiction you are building in what a finished set of drawings will look like.


You can post in the Seeking Services forum for someone who is familiar with your local requirements if it is something you can't handle yourself.


The nice thing about Chief Architect is you can quickly produce a basic set of permit drawings or fully illustrated construction document drawings with the same software.

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I would also try to find someone in your area who had construction drawings done that was approved for a permit. That will give you a big heads up on what's required in your area. What's required can vary greatly from place to place.

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since I worked in the DC metro area that covered DC, MD, VA and over a dozen counties within


I always went to the local permit office website and called them to determine what they needed in the way a permit set


basically never submit more than they need 

the more you submit - the more they have to review - the more chances for "rejection"


I'm proud to say that we had a 100% acceptance rate :)


anno-sets were introduced with X4

everything that anno-sets can do we did without them prior to that


but they are a convenience - a great convenience


use the anno-sets provided by CA 

then as you get comfortable create others as needed


some users are masters of anno-sets and have 36+ sets

others have less than 10


X10 introduced plansets and again we did everything without them prior

but they are another great convenience

so try to learn how to use them soonest also


start simple and learn as needed



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Anyone here would just be guessing what your local building department requires. Why not ask them?

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