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  1. JbeckWY

    Structural Set

    This is my first plan and I need help finishing the construction drawings as well as someone who could give me a structural framing plan. We will have the foundation engineered as well as the truss and floor package. The home is being built in Douglas County, Castle Rock, CO. Originally, I was going to be working with the contractor to add structural components to the plan, however that isn't an option now. Thanks for the help!!! Hoyt Property.layout Hoyt_Property.zip
  2. JbeckWY

    Design to Layout

    I'm taking my first set of plans and sending them to layout. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Does anyone have an outline or something they follow when they create construction drawings? Or good references I can follow? I also may be interested in having someone create them for me (if I can't get through it), is this something that is available? Thanks, Jordann
  3. JbeckWY

    Pole Barn Structure X10

    I need to create a pole barn structure and found instructions in this forum for an older version so I am having a hard time getting the correct settings. When it tells me to change the default settings under General CAD Defaults, I don't see Fill New Framing Members box. Since this is the first step I assume I will have a hard time finding other settings as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  4. JbeckWY

    2 story to 1 1/2

    My client decided that instead of a full 2 story he would like to do a 1 1/2. Is there any way I can drop the roof without having to delete all roof planes and building again? I have multiple manual roof planes and do not want to lose those.
  5. JbeckWY

    Billing/square footage for basement

    Thank you this is exactly what I was needing!!!
  6. What is the general practice when charging for plans with a full walkout basement? Do you include it into the price/sq.ft.?
  7. JbeckWY

    Importing Surveyors DWG File

    Great!!! Thank you!!!
  8. JbeckWY

    Importing Surveyors DWG File

    I am new to Chief and am trying to import a .dwg file for the first time and have also been struggling. Maybe I am having the same issue. I have been able to import a boundary successfully but my elevation data I cannot quite figure out. Any tips???? Ken Hoyt Elevation.dwg