Where are the new bump map and normal map files?

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Where are the new bump map and normal map files for the Chief Architect Core library textures? The X9 video here shows that you need to chose the file to use:

X9 3D Rendering


It says all the Chief Architect Core Catalogs have been updated with bump and normal map files. But where are they. See the attached image too. 


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not sure about the bump map locations but the normals are in the same folder as the material image location which you can get from the Texture Source File.


You have to check view hidden files under folder view options but I wouldnt think its a good idea messing around too much in there as I imagine its hidden for a reason.


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It appears that if there is one made for the material it is located here. assuming a standard install.

C:\ProgramData\Chief Architect Premier X9\Referenced Files\CoreCatalogFiles.zip#zip:Asphalt Roofing Normal 2016.png

define material asphalt shingles black.JPG

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Chief said not long ago that they are still working on those maps.  I don't think they're actually available yet for all that many materials.  It sounded like the goal was to get most of them ready to be released along with the final public release of X9.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ed what are you looking for?

you can make a bump or better yet a normal map of any existing material, very easy

Here is a link Kirk posted up a while back on normal maps. Its real easy once you make a couple. I just do a back up of entire plan with textures to have a copy of each texture I want to use for making the normal map from. then its all saved in one place for easy use.



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Tried to open your link and received an error code 2FF173/H from Chief don't know if it is on my end or the link .. I have noticed when using the roofing bump map in the OC catalog  that color turns very dark in standard view not sure if it is my settings or what. 


Very helpful information... thanks guys and gals


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4 hours ago, MPDesign said:

Ed what are you looking for?



In the new features video of X9, Chief said that their Core Catalogs were going to be updated with custom bump maps. So I'm trying to track them down. They don't seem to be available yet.

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That is the question

15 hours ago, CARMELHILL said:

Yes. It doesn't matter. Do you have core library bump files available in your x9?

I can't find them but I know they are there but only in the core lib. When I select a roof material from the core lib. there is a map listed in the DBX. they must be imbedded in the material.

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