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  1. MPDesign's post in Arched Door with sidelites was marked as the answer   
    I got it to work with the stock glass panel door type. Also used double arch type on the side lites. File attach for you review.

    Wine Cellar door testing.plan
  2. MPDesign's post in Staircases - stacked over each other - not doing well was marked as the answer   
    I would suggest getting your basement stairs sized and located first. Then build walls in the basement to stack under the entry walls above. This keeps your stack straight.
    Then use a room divider wall to create an unspecified room over your lower landing. Then draw your stairs going to 2nd floor/ attic.
  3. MPDesign's post in Stairs display was marked as the answer   
    Hey Dan,
    Another option that I use is make a cad detail from view, delete everything but the stairs and block, copy, paste and hold position on the floor plan. Make sure to put it on the stairs layer.
  4. MPDesign's post in Is There A Way To Change The 'name' Of An Electrical Item? was marked as the answer   
    In the fixture (component) dbx
  5. MPDesign's post in Creating Door Entry Into Slope Roof was marked as the answer   
    A quick way to achieve this.
    Put 2 breaks in the roof down at the eave edge.
    Pull the edge between the breaks up, to have an opening in the roof to walk thru.

  6. MPDesign's post in No Wall Between Gable Roof was marked as the answer   
    you need to turn on the ceiling in the room dbx
  7. MPDesign's post in Mulling Windows Vertically was marked as the answer   
    First adjust the window default setting to bump at 0. At the bottom of the window default dbx.
    Make sure your bumping and pushing are turned on, move them together. Select first window, hold shift key and select 2nd unit, click make block tool.