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  1. How far away are guys from the screen ?
  2. 18 3.13.20.mp4?dl=0
  3. What is considered a high poly count. Also how does one figure out if the symbol is corrupted? Thanks
  4. Thanks Richard, I use marquee often but this is something else, in plan view I try to select upper cabinet and I get lower and upper and everything else, try to select a door, I get the entire wall even if the walls are locked in ALDO. thanks
  5. Anyone having issues in selecting objects like doors, windows, cabinets in plan view (which is not locked), can sometimes select a wall but mostly get the rooms layer ( which I have locked) . It is a plan from a couple of years back, which I saved in X12 first then started the editing process. Very frustrating any ideas. Thanks
  6. jonboy


    I believe it is the rebuild terrain symbol
  7. Thanks guys for all the help BT that would be great to have all that information in schedule, just not sure I want to attempt that. Jon
  8. Thanks for all your help only one thing left Still getting repeated roof planes ???
  9. I would like to thank both of you, BT & Kbird for the help. I have one question, how does one change the fascia length from inches to feet - inches, thought it would safer to ask than to try messing the macro up. Thanks
  10. Finally got this to work and tried rearranging the order that items are displayed. With changing things around in the macro I get is error message. Trying to get to the order as shown on the left of the attachment How does one prevent getting multiple roof planes, every time I make a revision I get a new roof plane in the schedule. Is there something one can change or add to the macro? Lastly, how can one control the numbering order of roof planes. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Its great the people with this knowledge take the time to share, but I am guessing that the majority out there can't follow this. Example for roof planes: what is the latest macro for roof planes and what areas does one place the macro to get to a roof plane schedule. It's tough to follow unless you understand. I think I have learned one thing, I should give up on learning macros and will be way farther ahead purchasing some custom marcos from one of you. Interested let me know.
  12. Did you try building the truss with 1.5 bottom cord / energy heel and see if builds correctly, if that works then lock truss envelope and change bottom cord back to 5.5 force truss build