Cabinet and exteior elevation issues

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Can anyone tell me why these joists are showing on front elevation?

Also I do not know why but this paticular project the kitchen cabinets say 36 in ht but are not lined up. 

Front elevation.png

2016-12-16 (3).png

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You are talking about attic wall framing right?


What have you tried?

1) Selected the attic wall and hit "Build framing for selected object"

(assuming framing did not disappear)

2) Deleted attic wall and let the software regenerate it.

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You can also simply turn off that layer in the elevation, there's seldom any need to see any framing in an elevation.

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On your cabinet height not lining up, check that they are all set from the same point, ie. finished floor.

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At one point it looks like you have full roof return across that gable. That appears to be the framing from that return. Re-frame the roof. Not sure about the cabs.

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There are only a few possibilities with the cabinets:


- they should all be set to the same height.

- they should all be set to the same elevation reference.

- the should all be set to the same floor to bottom.

- they should all be in the same room (or the rooms need to have the same floor heights and thickness).


If all of this is true, then I have no idea what the problem could be. 




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