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  1. DavidJPotter

    More Issues with Horizontal Lines in Elevations

    You are correct, the layout views are 2D vector view snapshots of the "Live Model" and can be edited as mere 2D line entities (added or subtracted in 2D). DJP
  2. DavidJPotter

    Framing Views Wrong

    I rarely use the wall detail views but I checked one of my Imperial plans and verified your claim (they had a 50-50 chance of being right and had a bad programming day that day it appears). DJP
  3. DavidJPotter

    More Issues with Horizontal Lines in Elevations

    This should be also reported to Chief Architect Tech Support as a "Bug" for proper address for all. Elevations sent to layout can be completed edited to anyone's satisfaction using the "Edit Layout Line" tool before printing, with that tool you can add or subtract 3D surface generated lines. (That tool would NOT help in terms of plan views but I consider that to be a much more minor problem than "Wall Poly-line Edge lines" showing in Elevation Views since there is a solution to correct that). DJP
  4. DavidJPotter

    Framing Views Wrong

    Please post the above to Chief Architect Tech Support as a "Bug" report (posting this here is not necessarily a useful route to solution though there is NOTHING "Wrong" in doing so). A report to those who can do something effective about it is more useful. Thank you for bringing this up so others will now look and report back to you agreement or disagreement based upon looking. DJP
  5. I just checked and my version X2 still responds when I call it up. Please contact me and we will "Get 'er done!" DJP
  6. DavidJPotter

    wall types uk

    I recently finished two custom homes that are to be built in England. I used my metric profile.plan and from documents provided from the Architect, I created custom walls that emulated what he had designed in his plans. Went smooth as glass on the both of them. DJP
  7. DavidJPotter

    Convert Chief Designer plan to Chief Architect Plan

    What do you mean by "CA Designer" please? What is "A11" exactly please? Which "Chief Architect" are you speaking of (what version)? DJP
  8. DavidJPotter

    Giving away an older version of CA

    If it is that important to you, please call Chief Architect Inc Customer support on Monday and ask them. They are the "Authority" on their own property and its uses.. DJP
  9. DavidJPotter

    Giving away an older version of CA

    No, your license agreement clearly states that the use of any version of Chief Architect belongs not to you but to Chief Architect Inc. You and only you are licensed to own and use any version of Chief Architect. I suppose your friend can use a seat of your older chief but not as its owner, it would be purely a loan and would not include any support of any kind or type. DJP
  10. DavidJPotter

    Client presentation

    People are different. So it is one's job to gauge one's clients and deliver the level of graphic communication necessary to fulfill their needs. Our job is to graphically communicate that we understand what they want, so whatever that requires is correct for that client. There are no slots that everyone fits into. Chief makes it easy to get that job done for sure. DJP
  11. DavidJPotter

    seeking help with my model

    I can help you if you like, I charge $75.00 per hour and use Zoom Meetings to support sessions. DJP
  12. DavidJPotter

    How to import room names into plan?

    What I have seen reported here, via Australian News sources is almost 200 persons (183 to be exact) have been arrested for arson there. I know your country is large but that is still a lot of arsonists, eh? DJP
  13. DavidJPotter

    Indoor swimming pool

    The pool I merely got from my Library Browser as a symbol, take a look in yours. DJP
  14. DavidJPotter

    How to import room names into plan?

    It has been reported that the main cause of the fires was people setting them, the drought just set the stage. Can you confirm those reports, I wonder? DJP
  15. DavidJPotter

    How to import room names into plan?

    https://youtu.be/ezKV4zJEbfw All about Room Names DJP