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  1. DavidJPotter

    Dormer not working

    With only an image to go on, no one can do anything except guess, please share a copy of your ".plan" file so helpers can then look and report. DJP
  2. DavidJPotter

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    I also started with Version 4. I currently have Versions 7 through 22 functional on my Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop. The key to using dongles or "Hardware Locks" is having the correct software driver for that device. You can go to the Chief Architect Website and obtain information on software drivers there. In some cases you may need to go to the hardware lock makers website where they have drivers for their locks for XP, 7, 8 and 10 versions of windows, that is probably all that you need. Monday through Friday you should be able to gain some help by way of Tech Support, though if your SSA has run out, you may have to pay for the help. DJP
  3. DavidJPotter


    Not familiar with that Name "California Valley" perhaps some of the CA users can help. Without a good graphic definition for that term it is hard to offer real help. Is the image below what you are wanting, please confirm. If it is, then this sort of thing is easy to accomplish either "Automatically" or manually. DJP
  4. DavidJPotter

    Slab Glass door and Wall covering on Glass wall

    A "Wall Covering" is for walls, and not doors. For a door you could use a custom back-splash carrying a custom .png based material. I think you need to communicate exactly what kind or sort of "Frosted" look that you are trying to achieve for others to offer a precise solution, how is it supposed to look, find an existing photo or example so those who would wish to help you then can. DJP
  5. DavidJPotter

    Colaboration Capabilities

    The only safe way to share files between Chief Users is by using the "File - Back up Entire Plan - All associated files" command. This eliminates missing material texture files (when you assign a material or custom material, it is written to the plan file exactly the name of the material and the physical location of the material texture file on your PC, so if you just share the ".plan" file it will "Complain" that it cannot find the associated material texture files. Using "Back Up Entire Plan - All associated files" command eliminates that as a problem. DJP
  6. DavidJPotter

    Seeeking help / training

    A large part of my yearly business is helping Home Designer users with their projects. I would be happy to help you as well. I have done projects in England just this year. DJP
  7. DavidJPotter


    Draw your deck and then set your stairs to "Winders", you may need to slightly adjust them to get just the right look but anything work showing and keeping is worth extra effort. DJP
  8. DavidJPotter

    Many problems with these steps

    venting Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. vent 1 (vĕnt) n. 1. Forceful expression or release of pent-up thoughts or feelings: give vent to one's anger. 2. An opening permitting the escape of fumes, a liquid, a gas, or steam. 3. The small hole at the breech of a gun through which the charge is ignited. 4. Zoology The excretory opening of the digestive tract in animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. 5. Geology a. The opening of a volcano in the earth's crust. b. An opening on the ocean floor that emits hot water and dissolved minerals. v. vent·ed, vent·ing, vents v.tr. 1. To express (one's thoughts or feelings, for example), especially forcefully. See Synonyms at voice. 2. To release or discharge (steam, for example) through an opening. 3. To provide with a vent. v.intr. 1. To vent one's feelings or opinions: Sorry to go on like that, but I just had to vent. 2. To be released or discharged through an opening. 3. To rise to the surface of water to breathe. Used of a marine mammal. Which definition are you using, I wonder... DJP
  9. DavidJPotter

    Seeking CT Licensed Structural Engineer

    I know there are some out there but in YOUR case you need a local Licensed in your State Structural Engineer. In my personal experience that spans over twenty years, most Engineers use AutoCAD, find out the version they use and then share your existing floor and elevation plans/views with them in their version of AutoCAD, that will get you the best job possible. Your Engineer needs to visit, physically your lot and find out what weather stresses it has and its geology, some long distance person is unacceptable. DJP
  10. The attached library files were created by European Chief Users DJP EuroSockets-1.calibz NorwaySockets.calibz
  11. DavidJPotter


    Open the camera icon that appears in plan view and take a look at its dialog box which contains all possible controls for its uses. DJP
  12. DavidJPotter

    Ceiling plane has a hole

    That should "heal itself", just ignore it for now and check it again later, I bet you will find that it has "magically" disappeared on its own. This software is good but never perfect unless some end users make it appear to be so. DJP
  13. DavidJPotter

    Chief Library gone wild?

    Please define what you mean by "Barker Texture" please? I am sorry but your post and images do not communicate an understandable problem. What do you mean by "Chief Library is blocking...". What is it doing or not doing that caused you to post here please? In order to help you, your questions must be clearly and graphically stated for anyone to then help with certainty. DJP
  14. DavidJPotter

    more text questions... now on X12

    The font of the help files is set by Chief Inc. Other than Default Settings - Text you should call Chief Inc Tech Support for advice about why Chief is a particular way. DJP