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  1. Hello, I have designed a house that 2 of the 4 walls with an overhang from the ground level by a few feet (see attached). When adding the shed roof, 2 walls are self generating walls past the 2nd level. If I remove the roof it goes away. I am at a loss. I have never had this happen before when designing the next level. Thank you in advance for suggestions. Working in 12
  2. I am seeking anyone in the Grand Rapids or Lake Michigan lakeshore areas who uses Chief Architect and can share knowledge. Please contact me at (616) 239-6522. Thanks! Mike
  3. Hello! I am also looking for a Chief Architect user group in West you know of one?
  4. What is your phone number?


    (616) 260-4281 direct

    1. ShaneK


      989 672 4069

    2. mfraley


      Hi Shane--Sandra said she talked with you about the file...I thought we could open the newer version with the software we paid $2,600 for only one year I mistaken?

      Either way, would it be possible to send me a .pdf of the floor plan(s), elevations and a cross section? 



  5. I attempted to upload a Chief file and got the first error message (error1) I uploaded the suggested upgrade. I then attempted to open the file again and got the second error message (error2). What could be the reason for this?
  6. Awesome--thanks! I will need to send it later this evening--on the road at the moment
  7. Okay great...I have the Premier X8 version.
  8. I am looking for someone who could review a house plan drawn in C.A. Version 8 and make some corrections. Any suggestions?