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  1. I've had the same issues. Crashed every time I tried to place in imported light symbol fixture
  2. idesign7

    2d color floor plan

    Of course! duh! what was I thinking! Thanks Again! The finished effect seems to be somewhere between standard & vector - not exactly either because the flooring and patterns are maintained from standard??...or is this done in post-production software to give it a slight artistic feel where you've also given the walls a grey fill and the items in floorplan a more "hand colored" ? Sorry so many questions, but I've wanted to achieve this look for a while & working from home by my self, have no one to bounce ideas off of much less the time to experiment! Thanks so much!:)
  3. idesign7

    2d color floor plan

    Thanks so much! I've done that as well but my focal length must have been different a wider angle on my camera because my walls were flared out where yours appears to be "flat" or a very colorful version of 2D...which is what caught my eye! I will try changing my settings!
  4. idesign7

    2d color floor plan

    Would you mind sharing how you achieved this effect? Thanks so much!
  5. I am so glad to know I'm not the only one with this issue. I will check my settings in the DBX. I'm pretty sure I tried that no avail:( Just aggravating from a rendering perspective when showing a client. Thank you for the comments!
  6. The Facia top height is the same on both roof planes
  7. Anyone else have this issue when connecting roof planes with different pitches? I've tried everything I know from changing facia top height, adjusting the frieze, re-drawing the roof planes etc...I have a 4/12 roof pitch adjoining to an 8/12. This roof was drawn manually! Any insight would be most helpful!! Thanks! Sandi (X9)
  8. Yes, that is a great idea! I’ve looked at Lumion 8, pricey & I am a Mac user and it only works on PC. so makes the initial investment that much more! Can anyone comment on exactly how time consuming it is to render in this fashion?? It takes forever for me to do a photo realistic render in Chief on my suped up iMac 5k. Seems like everything is slower for some reason when I watch others moving around in their models. Would love some input on that too!