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  1. Hi A few kitchen renderings and drafting sample attached. Additions, renovations and new construction available also. 45 years design / build experience - 27 w/ Chief (v4-X12) Contact me at to discuss your projects. Thanks McGrath Kitchen Plan_Bid.pdf
  2. Hi Jeff, Received your email. I have drawn several projects on the front range from Fort Collins (including Old Town) to Denver and Boulder. Have relocated to Grand Junction but am still current with those jurisdiction requirements. Work with Ron from CSE Structural Engineers in Fort Collins for permit sets. Rich
  3. Would be interested in discussing your project. I have been in design and construction for over 40 years. I have been working with Chief since 1994 V4.0.... currently work in X10 and X11 (mostly) You can reach me @ if you would like to pursue further details. Best regards, Rich
  4. Would love to help Working in Chief v4.0 thru X9 - playing with X-10 Please contact me and we can discuss further. Rich 847.373.8627 Exterior Renderings.pdf Kitchen Renderings.pdf McGrath Kitchen Plan_Bid.pdf Construction Documents-Layout A1.pdf Construction Documents-Layout A3.pdf Construction Documents-Layout A4.pdf
  5. Hi Live in Loveland and work in Fort Collins. Been working CA since 1994. Currently using X9 and occasionally X8 to finish up but keep X6 & 7 on the computer just in case..... Send me a pdf with what you have and some more info on what you need and lets talk.
  6. David, If I read your post correctly, you have a complete set of hand drawn construction documents for a house that have been scanned into a pdf. You need someone to "create" a 3D model of the house using Chief. The amount of detail you would want in the model (cabinets, tile work, furniture, millwork etc.) as well as exterior (site, landscape etc.) would be a big factor. If you could post the pdf with your requirements I'd be happy to quote. I have been working with CA since 1995 V4 and currently use X8. I am located in the Denver area. I agree with DJP however - won't be cheap.
  7. I would be interested in reviewing a scope for a better understanding. I have 42 years experience in design / build including commercial and residential. I have been working with Chief since version 4 (1994) and currently use X7 while toying with X8 Beta. (wow) Regards Rich Hoffman 847 373 8627