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  1. I have sent 3D DWG files for timber frame houses to the timber fabricator (Colorado Timber Frame) with excellent results. Related to what David said, their drafting / engineering department technical skills are first rate.
  2. Much less snow in Alabama than Idaho. Nice detail Gene.
  3. Many details for this on the TJI website. If your keeping the full thickness for the overhangs you can use TJI's rim board for the sub-fascia and then build the fascia however you want. I'd shy away from wide thin boards in your neck of the woods
  4. Clayton? Love Clayton! Used to cruise the thousand islands on vacation when I lived in the suburbs of NYC. Great place to relax. Is Boldt castle still open? Don't miss the antique boat museum. Oh and the specs on the new laptop look good too
  5. If I understand your problem you can group copy all of your changes, switch to page 0, and use edit > paste > paste hold position. Then go back to Sheet 1 and delete the sheet.
  6. And at the very least document the bejeezus out of everything including your time posting here. You can write it off as a bad debt including all efforts to collect. Collected or not a lien and a judgement will show up as "high impact" on their credit report. As Alan said - collection agency. They'll have fun screwing with them for a contingency.
  7. Go to your layer settings in that elevation and check Cabinets, Wall. Change the line style.
  8. Changing the angle of a valley doesn't raise or lower a ridge. The pitch or the plate heights affect the ridge height. From the look of the house its possibly trusses with an energy heel that would raise ir some what. The right gable is off because the valley lines aren't equal. You can see it with eyeing it but on your graph paper the right valley is a full square north of the left valley. In using Chief get used to being accurate - very accurate. As a programmer I just finished a job for said - in programming there is no such thing as almost. Its either right or its not.
  9. 1166296339_NEWKIRK-FLOORPLAN.plannot sure why "cleaned up" file wouldn't load. Kept getting notice of problem with server. Anywho PM'd a cloud link with fixed roofs
  10. A little late to the party.... Rarely use on the battery so no issue there. Handles X13 (in all its glory) with two 27" Samsung monitors plugged in, G710 keyboard and G502 mouse, Google, MS Office - Xcel, Word & Outlook all running at same time with no problem - very good setup. If not too late Dell will give you 12 months interest free on line if you are buying Alienware and can fog a mirror
  11. Have you tried disabling Nahimic? Until I came across Mick's post NOTHING would stop the weird s** lets call it stuff from happening on my new Alienware hooked up to (2) external monitors. Tech, good as they are, had no solution. The problem was at its worse when dragging a window to another monitor. Disabled Nahimic and no more problems - worth a try. I'll repost K Birds post from about a year ago. Saved me a bottle of xanax Since the Alienwares and NVIDIA cards are so tuned to gamers I think that setup is especially sensitive to the interference Some info appears to have disappeared from the Forum about this Issue so this is just a repost for Future Users to find ie a PSA. ** Removing the Sonic Radar Win 10 App only solved it for me, there was no need to remove Sonic Studio App or the " Nahimic Service" which is needed for Sonic Studio to work, though some have reported they had to remove both the Sonic Apps to solve this. (Sonic Radar is a 3D sound Source App for Gamers, which causes the Issue as it senses CA as a 3D game but CA does not have any Audio) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nahimic Service is the Issue , it can be stopped in the Services App ( Service.msc in the Run Dialog) and configured for manual start only or disabled, at least as a Test to see if your issue is indeed Nahimic. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The are several reports online also posting about Nahimic having a White and Black List , and adding Chief to the Blacklist may work but personally I did not try that. Hi Yes there is known issue between Nahimic 3 and other applications (Maya, Substance Painter, 3D applications using OpenGL ). This primary happens when application is started on secondary monitors. some more research is found here: All fixes are just .......uninstall the Nahimic 3 Sonic Radar ( game sound detector) and Sonic Studio (equalizer) For us who don't want accept that solution here is simple fix: Locate this nahimic blacklist ( maybe in a slightly different place on your PC eg if you have a Dell , see below) C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\A-Volute.Nahimic\Modules\Scheduled\Configurator\BlackApps.dat and insert your affected executable application to avoid injecting your application by Nahimic tested on Substance Painter.exe There is no needed to restart PC or Nahimic Service Just save file. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This has worked for me, so far at least. For my laptop Alienware m17r3 the file location is: C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\DellInc.AlienwareSoundCenter\Modules\ScheduledModules\Configurator\BlackApps.dat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick.
  12. OK You da man too Actually quoted your post on the Nahimic possibly causing the multi monitor issue in the other l o n g post on the mouse issue