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  1. Thanks DJP. I appreciate the help. I've been using Chief for a couple of years. I know enough to get by, but still have lots to learn and tinker with.
  2. Thanks. The person that I learned from didn't like using the auto roofs, so I never took the time to learn them. I will look into it.
  3. Can you show me the settings you used? I tried to recreate it, but can't seem to get it right. I didn't have these issues before X14. There must be some settings withing the walls/roofs that were updated. Maybe something added in?
  4. DJP I've drawn in the trim using polylines. Remove the polyline trim and see if it's there.
  5. Yes I've tried rebuilding. I've checked all the alignments. It's happened for months. Originally I thought it was a glitch with the software. If nobody else has this issue though, then it's got to be the install or my settings.
  6. Thanks, I've re-uploaded the file. 220804 - Krupa Residence - Lot 8C The Preserve at Brook St. Rehoboth,
  7. Ever since I upgraded to X14 I've had an issue where the trim doesn't populate on some of my roofs / roof belts. Has anyone else had this issue? Maybe I should try reinstalling X14? These roofs were copied from the adjacent roof that has the trim and has the same properties. It just makes no sense. I sent a request to support, and they couldn't recreate it at the time. 220804 - Krupa Residence - Lot 8C The Preserve at Brook St. Rehoboth,
  8. OMG I was doing everything right. I just didn't have a hole in the roof. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hi all. I'm fairly new to the software and have only been using it since October. I have a client who wants a wood framed chimney extruding from the middle of the roof up from the gas fireplace. I've tried a bunch of different options to make this work but can't figure it out. Can someone please tell me how to draw walls on top of the roof? Thank you!