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  1. From memory I believe so. You will want to start with the terrain perimeter defined in the target plan first. Then copy paste terrain data.
  2. Can you post some photos?
  3. OMG, that's quite the workaround . I usually turn off newels and panels/balusters in Plan. Then draw posts manually in a 2D layer for plan layout. And just go with "good enough" for camera views. I don't like it though .
  4. It would be useful to be able to modify the location of system generated newel posts individually. A way to enter an "edit mode" and have edits stick.
  5. Hi Ian, This would be my approach. Panel portion needs to be a millwork symbol with stretch plane a x=0. Ian.plan
  6. Keep it on 1/16. I actually set it to ten decimals so oddball dimensions really jump out and I can fix them as early as possible and along the way. I stick with whole or half inches and always draw to snap grid. I set snap to 1". If you set Dimension accuracy to 1/1 you are setting yourself up for a total disaster. You could have a dimension that is actually 16' - 6 9/16" but it would read 16' - 7". IMHO, this setting is for rookies with a messy drawing and dimensions.
  7. It is this corner that doesn't come together at a point. You have to zoom in to see it. I fixed this corner and it cleaned up.
  8. Would use molding polyline 1/8" proud of wall surface and apply soldier texture. Generate from exterior room.
  9. Rob, You can use Blender to import the .dae format and separate. Export from blender to .obj to fix the z fighting in surfaces. You will most likely need to choose meters as units and rotate in the +x. If you are not familiar with Blender it is an awesome program and you do yourself a favor by getting familiar with it. Cool shelf unit BTW.
  10. I would use a slab. I noticed a 3D Solid has a major lag in plan view with just one copy on my machine. I have blocked this so it could be added to the library. To use: place, unblock, edit if desired, copy, paste, point to point into position. Fluted Corner Board.calibz
  11. I do these frequently. In section I draw in polysolids for ceiling and fascia elements. I draw one side and then mirror. I don't model roof framing so this cheat is just to minimize time spent to get the needed geometry. No arm wrestling the program or head scratching required. Where in the world are you building Homes in Milimeters? I am used to using mm when I design for 3D printing stuff. Is the only way to go for small stuff.
  12. I think your question is unclear but here goes. You need to import the object you made through the symbol wizard. There you can rotate along the x-axis, etc. Or, you can post what you have and will look at it.
  13. Rob, Yes, I think so. Painting walls can be problematic and IMHO it is better practice to create a new wall definition.
  14. Is your issue is when you select a contour it has a stupid long delay? It is temporary dimensions.
  15. Plan seems to run fine on my machine which is really old! But file size is a bit large.
  16. How I would do those. Fence Wire.calibz
  17. Hi Gene, Symbol was not flexed before publishing. Shame on you CA. I knocked one out for my own sanity. See if it works? Rev a Rev.calibz
  18. Hi Gene, The original object you made has a tiny flaw, I am sure of it. Maybe an export from SU? But you did not attach your shelf symbol or original object in import format. Post both of those? EDIT: I see Gene, as soon as I add a stretch plane at 0 I see the messed up geometry in preview of resized shelf symbol itself.
  19. The "grainy" in your original post is often referred to as "noise" and is common to all rendering programs. It is possible that CA has plans to implement NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser in a future release, but who knows. It is part of the RTX feature set for developers. Looks like you have lots of suggestions above to try in the meantime.
  20. I might suggest that. The only comparison I can truly make is with my own hands on it. If it makes PBR look way better than it does without Global Illumination, than its probably worth the extra hardware.
  21. Hi All, Thanks for your replies. I must admit I don't get PBR. I was hoping for something like this. Now this could get me exited!
  22. Is there a general consensus whether the implementation of this as a lighting option in PBR this is worth the extra hardware cost?