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  1. dfn001

    Framing Label Suppress

    ok Thanks. I just found the framing label I was trying to turn off.
  2. dfn001

    Framing Label Suppress

    How do I turn off the framing call-out labels Framing Labels.pdf
  3. dfn001

    Steel Truss

  4. dfn001

    Steel Truss

    I have created a satisfactory representation for steel floor trusses I am using in my plan, or so I thought. I set the correct depth for the floor trusses and selected the material from the Steel Stud 16" OC framing default. The 3D Camera shows the material as grey like the other steel beams I have in the plan. However, when I generate a Framing Schedule, the truss "Material" is listed as Steel Stud 16" OC but the entry under the Type Column is listed as Lumber. How or where can the "Type" identifier be changed?
  5. dfn001

    Display Framing as single line

    Thanks for the quick reply. I found it under Framing Default>Plan Display.
  6. A Training video for CA x9 had a way to display roof framing, floor framing, etc as a single line. This was accomplished by selecting a box in the CAD Default to display framing as a "line" rather than a CAD Box. I don't see this option in CA x11. Does the feature still exist? Thanks in advance, David N.
  7. dfn001

    Valley Beams

    I am designing a large church building and am trying to create a steel beam configuration for the valley beams where two roofs join. Both roofs are 12/12 pitch but due to the different widths of the building where the side transept join the main roof line I have valley. The roof beams are steel and are 24 inches W sections. I am using CA x11. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks. David N
  8. dfn001

    Exterior Room

    Thanks for the reply. I was not aware that all plans have an exterior room. The problem I am now having is that the soffits on the box eaves seem to be extending way too low from the rafter framing. I was thinking that the exterior room was causing this problem.
  9. dfn001

    Exterior Room

    I have searched without any luck to locate a wall connection problem that is causing my plan to have an exterior room. Short of starting over with my exterior walls is there any way to locate where the problem occurs? My model is extremely large so I don't think I can post it but if needed I will try. I am using X11.
  10. dfn001


  11. dfn001


    Is there any way to place a soffit on a cathedral ceiling such that the top of the soffit slopes to match the cathedral ceiling surface but the bottom remains horizontal and parallel to the floor surface. I know to place the soffit and check that it slopes but want to have a horizontal bottom rather than one that slopes. I am trying to create a furr-down box to run a large HVAC duct inside.
  12. dfn001

    Join Rooms

  13. dfn001

    Join Rooms

    I have a wide doorway in an Interior wall that is dividing two rooms but I would like to make these two rooms into a single room. Is there a way to do this without eliminating the wall?
  14. In setting up my site plan, I changed the CAD line display to feet and my angle display to quadrant bearings. Now that I am finished with the site plan, I noticed that all of the units in the dbx boxes are now in decimals of a foot. For example if I open a base cabinet the backsplash height is 0.333333' rather than 4". What do I do to reset the display units within the dbx display. Please note I am not talking about Plan Dimensions. Thanks.