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  1. Kind of unclear what trouble you are having. I think "edit area" is what you are looking for but I can't be sure. Can you be more specific?
  2. I would say no, there is no easy way to draw curtains walls in CA. That said I think you could come up with some work arounds to make something work but it would likely take a considerable amount of manual work and effort.
  3. Mostly elevation splines or lines. Regions for flat areas. Lines or splines must not crossover a region. That said sculpting terrain in Chief is a bit of a hit and miss ballet.
  4. Always separate plans. It's a no brainer for so many reasons, including the reasons you both mentioned, Rob1 and Rob2. Common sense really.
  5. William has the solution to reverse the one in the Library. If you want one that isn't in the library start with this. Edit to your desired variant. Go to 3D view and: Use tools, symbol, convert to symbol Check advanced Symbol category is door Rotate 90 in the X Set smoothing to 1 Name symbol Options select garage Add stretch planes in X Pull door panel from the library and test it. Mirror and repeat. For the big door create the whole door and after placing set no of panels to 1. Modern Steel.plan
  6. You need to post the plan. Your section does not match your default setting.
  7. @LotzCCNo not really. Good news is doors are pretty easy to make. Draw them with slabs, etc, in plan view and convert to a door symbol.
  8. Seems they are not playing well together? I don't think I changed any settings from default? I can't be alone having to post this from another browser that I don't like.
  9. I tried group selecting and a 24" move in the Z and got the same result for all roof planes. But also got the odd plate height and heel height. Try adjusting the porch ceiling to 166" and all will be as you expect.
  10. I agree with Gene except I would use a non transparent fill. Unless you are required to show the foundation in your jurisdiction. Many do not require a foundation to be shown in elevation.
  11. Sure I found one for pay $ 24. And it's probably just a bloated file anyway. I spent an hour looking on the web wasting my time. So as usual I just made the one I wanted. I kept it to under 1800 faces. I will share here. I set two side by side for an 8 unit complex. 4 Unit Mailbox.calibz
  12. @GeneDavis Definitely looks like Twin Motion to me. Mr Rabbit could confirm this. Good camera work but the terrain could be better. They lost me on the interior which is exhausting for not much to see. Definitely looks like a Chief Model the way the stairs don't meet the deck correctly in the hands of a newer user. But, the window muntins do not look like Chief as they are thick. Why don't you email them and ask?
  13. @CarudoI finished my presentation a while ago. But I did try your Dakota 101 and it tiles pretty well. With a color adjustment it is close to a toss up. So where did you get these? @JonySkajler"In the old days" there were high resolution, very tilable Eldorado Image Files floating around on the Interwebs. I can't find them now. I am pretty sure I have them on an old hard drive no longer in my machine. I don't understand why they would disappear or maybe I am just blind due to aging.
  14. And here is Cut Course Seashell. Doesn't cut the mustard.