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  1. Is there a general consensus whether the implementation of this as a lighting option in PBR this is worth the extra hardware cost?
  2. So I ordered a GT 1030 2 GB. Not much of an upgrade so I hope it works. Newer boards are out of my price range and seem to be mostly out of stock. I don't use Chief often enough to justify a new system.
  3. Should "Extended formats TypedUAVLoad" be added to System Requirements for CA or would that be redundant?
  4. Kbird, You've got a lot of energy and I appreciate the effort. There is a lot to consume there. I think your probably right. Maybe Dermot can provide some clarity. He is the top dog software engineer.
  5. Hello Kbird1, Thanks for your reply. I did read your post and ran DXCaps. But are you sure about 900 and above. How do you know this?
  6. My preferences look just like inArtifex for a GT 640 4 GB. Everything is right and up to date except for "Extended formats TypedUAVLoad" is NO. How on earth does someone know when their shopping for a cheaper/older card if it has this feature?
  7. Here is the basket ball goal. I believe this is from the warehouse. Basket Ball Hoop.calibz
  8. Lew is correct! I used Xactimate for 8 years but that is for construction estimating and there are many databases.
  9. Insurance Companies are good at not paying for what they don't owe. So "Like Kind" would technically mean to draw an "As Built" for permitting. Code upgrade coverage can come into play. Your best bet may be to work directly with the insurance adjuster for the owner and no need to get too detailed. They are all different and it is good to have a rapport with them. Charge a fair price and don't expect to charge for extras. Insurance companies are not cheap and they want to expedite the repairs especially if you have been retained. Just be fair to yourself.
  10. Does the Owner have Insurance? If so the Bank just disperses what is approved/paid by the Insurance Company.
  11. A%page%-1 Layout page 1 = CS Layout page 2 = A1
  12. Hello Chiefs, Can a macro do simple math? For example: A%page%-1
  13. I don't find that happening very often. If it does I move it to snap grid. I do find that chief behavior annoying when it moves the grid increment and not to the grid.
  14. I think that was the main point. But I see your point if you work in the manner you do. I have been of the school that designing to that level of accuracy "1/8" is not realistic from a build standpoint. So when placing a toilet I would allow a little extra room and only be concerned with framing dimensions. The framer will be off a little, then the plumber, and so on. No problem with a little wiggle room. As a builder I would moan about any plan dimensions smaller than a 1/2" with a few exceptions or good reason. Vertically floor to ceiling I drop the 1/8 and go with 97, 109, 121, and so on. I have cut my share of stair stringers and know how to use that extra 1/8" or whatever it becomes when I layout my cuts. If I were designing consumer products then I would work to the level of accuracy of manufacturing. Not saying you are doing anything wrong if you are being "accurate". I just think you are working harder than you need to. Too often I have seen others with snaps turned off and no accuracy whatsoever.