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  1. AvoyeDesign

    This is interesting, anybody seen this?

    Hooboy, why would I outsource this? Do they research through the bylaws to determine setbacks and other restrictions? Do they deterime parking requirements? Lane width requirements? Footpaths? Open space? This is just weird and the price range seems suspect to me.
  2. AvoyeDesign

    Cheat siding courses?

    IMO this level of detail amounts to "shop drawings" and isn't something that I consider part of my job. I'm not sure how you operate, but if this was asked of me I'd have to charge extra for it. Even then, I wouldn't guarantee anything, as I don't control what happens in the field. Chief doesn't have any tools for this specific purpose. My best suggestion would be to use cad polylines in a cross section to lay out the boards and casings and such. Good luck!
  3. AvoyeDesign

    Plan rotation

    Be aware that when you use the "Rotate Plan" tool, you actually rotate the x,y grid, so that the x grid is running vertical on your screen and the y is horizontal, basex on a 90 degree rotation. I would suggest useing the "Edit Area (All Floors) tool to select all items in your plan and rotate using the transform replicate tool. This is by no means perfect, and you may have to fix some minor issues, but it leaves the x,y grid alone. This should only be done if you want this rotation to be permanent. If for whatever reason you just want to rotate it temprarily I'd suggest using hte rotate plan tool and dealing with the effects.
  4. AvoyeDesign

    Window won't go through furred wall at closet

    I was able to open your plan in the demo version of X12 and confirmed that if you select "ignore casing for opening resize" this will fix your problem. You will need to reposition the wall or open and close the window dbx to make it take effect.
  5. AvoyeDesign

    Window won't go through furred wall at closet

    I would suggest going to plan defaults and checking ignore casing for opening resize.
  6. Can such an event even be held at this time? Public gatherings are locked down where I'm at.
  7. Thanks everyone for looking into it. Doesn't seem there is anything much I can do at this point, but it is good to know that it isn't something I'm doing wrong.
  8. I used to do that but had complaints about the quality
  9. I printed it from excel to a .JPG file and it reduced it by 2/3 size. Quality is ok. Maybe a bit better than before. What I really need is the ability to copy a spreadsheet into Cheif that preserves all formatting, or actually havea spreadsheet tool in chief.
  10. Thanks. A few things to try at least.
  11. I just discovered today that a 60KB PDF file I've imported into a layout causes the PDF file I print FROM the layout to be 17,000KB larger than if the imported PDF file is not included! What gives? Has anyone experienced this? I have clients and contractors complaining that the file is too large for their email servers. I've attached the culprit PDF if anyone wants to give this a go. I can't include the chief files as they contain confidential information and I don't have the time to go through and remove them. I might later if need be. But I've tested this PDF file on a brand new layout with no other drawings and it still generates a ~17MB file for a single sheet! With some playing around, I removed the cell borders from the spreadsheet and that reduced the generated file by aroudn 6,000KB. I tried removing cell shading and that had no effect. I've attached the spreadsheet as well if anyone wants to play around wiht that. I hope I am missing something or doing something obviously wrong. I've attached my template layout too in case anyone wants to play around with that. Thanks for having a look! Chief Demo.layout Chief Demo.pdf Chief Demo.xlsx
  12. AvoyeDesign

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    I used to have a bad habit of not saving the file before beginning work. Autosave and archive features don't function until you make a save as. After losing a few hours of work I make it a habit to name and save my file before I begin designing.
  13. I use it to sketch out ideas for things or to design things that are not architectural, just in my personal time.
  14. AvoyeDesign

    Remove Extra Nodes - Intersect/Join Two Lines

    This is a game changer for me, thanks!
  15. I am looking for a used X10 license to purchase for a builder colleage to use and collaborate with. If interested, please contact me via email or phone in my signature. Thanks! Rod