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  1. I have my s key bound to another tool via hotkeys. Do you know what tool or function the s key is controlling so that I can bind it to another hotkey?
  2. You should post this on the Q&A forum if you want people to respond with help for you. This forum is to offer tips you know that will help other users.
  3. You should be posting this on the Q&A forum. This forum is for you to share tips and tricks you have learned with other people. You will get more traffic looking at your problem if you post it in the right forum.
  4. I don't understand how my post wasn't clear.
  5. Nope, not like that. I select that and have to paint objects I've already drawn. Like I said in my post, I want to use the eyedropper, and when I select an object with it, chief assigns that layer's object as the default cad layer. I meant to post this in suggestions. Not sure if the mods can move it or if I should delete and repost it.
  6. I'd like a layer eyedropper tool that assigns the selected layer to be the current CAD layer. I'd use the **** out of this tool. Thanks! EDIT: Oops, meant to post this in suggestions.
  7. IMO this post should be pinned here. Perhaps this should be detailed in an official CA getting started guide.
  8. Thanks for this. I wasn't aware of these settings, and I've noticed an improvement in performance now that they are set.
  9. Hooboy, why would I outsource this? Do they research through the bylaws to determine setbacks and other restrictions? Do they deterime parking requirements? Lane width requirements? Footpaths? Open space? This is just weird and the price range seems suspect to me.
  10. IMO this level of detail amounts to "shop drawings" and isn't something that I consider part of my job. I'm not sure how you operate, but if this was asked of me I'd have to charge extra for it. Even then, I wouldn't guarantee anything, as I don't control what happens in the field. Chief doesn't have any tools for this specific purpose. My best suggestion would be to use cad polylines in a cross section to lay out the boards and casings and such. Good luck!
  11. Be aware that when you use the "Rotate Plan" tool, you actually rotate the x,y grid, so that the x grid is running vertical on your screen and the y is horizontal, basex on a 90 degree rotation. I would suggest useing the "Edit Area (All Floors) tool to select all items in your plan and rotate using the transform replicate tool. This is by no means perfect, and you may have to fix some minor issues, but it leaves the x,y grid alone. This should only be done if you want this rotation to be permanent. If for whatever reason you just want to rotate it temprarily I'd suggest using h
  12. I was able to open your plan in the demo version of X12 and confirmed that if you select "ignore casing for opening resize" this will fix your problem. You will need to reposition the wall or open and close the window dbx to make it take effect.
  13. I would suggest going to plan defaults and checking ignore casing for opening resize.
  14. Can such an event even be held at this time? Public gatherings are locked down where I'm at.