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  1. Layouts can have default sets. Kinda think of them as SPV for the layout. I have 7 different builder inwork for. Clicking on the default set. Brings in the information for each one. Mainly the title blocks and cover sheets. You can do the same with the layouts. Put you 11x 17 borders and tile blocks in a default set. Create a custom layer set that works with that default set. It os about managong the layers. You have to change the sheeet print sizes. Other than that it is a mouse click to change doc sizes and information locations. Make it you layout template.
  2. I had this issue on my system. Few weeks back. I rolled to windows 10 from 11 and it seemed to resolve.. i have no rhyme or reason why.
  3. I juat performed as as build survey. The home had 4x8 hardi panels with a 1/8 quirk between the panels this worked great for that.
  4. How about putting them on there own layer and locking tje layer. Maybe a reference layer.
  5. It's that time again. Considering an AMD GPU 7900. IS there any known issues with x15 or x14 and the rendering capabilities with these cards. I have seen some of Rabbitt Design comments in regards to working with AMD and just want to make a wise buying decision. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. So here is one for you. We calculate to the outside of the sheathing. Stairs do not count. Any rafter or truss top chord that intersects from the finished floor to the 7' mark is counted. They also include the footage inside an unfinished attic from the top of the bottom chord to the 7' mark. When i provide as builts to my architects. I have to provide a really spot on frame model of the house. The jurisdiction is the City of Alexandria VA. This is for FAR calculations. The rules seem to change 3 to 4 time a year.
  7. If it requires his input or added design, export each sheet as dxf or dwg. Male sure you know which version he is using. Ca will prompt you to what version. This saves my engineer time on drafting.
  8. Checkout simpson website. U can download. stl drag into your plan and save in library.
  9. You can create layout sets similar to saved plan views. I work for 5 different contractors/firms each one has a layout set dedicated to them and there jurisdictions. Associated layers with each one. I have also created them in 3 different page sizes. When you switch between them all you have to do is change page size. Takes a bit of work up front. I dont have to wash rinse repeat everytime i have a new project with different clients. Also allows me to keep a template layout that pretty much covers everyone
  10. Your videos are awesome. Makes my head hurt watching them the first time around. Then i have to break them down piece by piece. Thank you for your contributions to this community. You definitely test take this software to its limits.
  11. I work with a couple of engineers. Make sure you ask them what layers sets they are after. Make sure you export to their desired AutoCAD version. New guys I work with do not respond to the question of what layer sets they wish. Gets an all on version. Let them sort it out. Truss guys around here get paid by the hour they do not seem to be interested in taking exports. LOL Interesting about the export from layout. Will it give you any control over layers? Is it just a set of lines?
  12. I am running the 2070 in a laptop. Does the job well on my end. I also set up a 16gb virtual drive to run CA. Seems to be a bit quicker on the library searches and does better as the plans get larger.
  13. Nice i do that for as builds vs new construction didn't even think of that for shadows
  14. My preferred method. Just wish the shadows wouldn't show up under the terrain.
  15. I put the wolf poly ash trim profiles in catalog and symbols. I use them to build my lintel and exterior cornice.
  16. I was experiencing crashes during the PBR rendering. Went into the Nvidia panel changed from quality to performance. I have not experienced a crash since. spend 8 hours working with the clay base and PBR today and no crashes. Anthony
  17. Thanx for this little nugget. Will try to create over the post fittings with this technique when i garner some time. Old post but really relevant.
  18. Print with ca PDFs in color. It will maintain all the fills and shadings. Open in adobe can reduce the file size by quite a lot. Then i print it to another adobe pdf in b&w. It will maintain all the fills and shadings.
  19. Still no railing offset on the stairs.
  20. X13 has construction lines. These may help eliminate, or at least provide a lockable layer that will allow you to verify your inputs. I usually create a lockable CAD box for the exterior dimensions on as builds. Our jurisdictions do not trust our as build survey, we have to have the engineering guys site plan. Often times I find discrepancies in their work. The single decimal placement can cause issues over a multiple cornered house.
  21. I find myself with the drawing sheet open on my plans. I center the drawing sheet on the 0,0 seems to keep things better aligned. when you create a new floor sheet seems to stay stacked with no issues.
  22. This would be great also. I have a giant note on my drawings that say all openings are one stud and 2 jacks min. XOO OOX I am the guy trimming most of the houses I design.
  23. I have a bifocal situation also. My optometrist made me a set of glasses with a single script for my monitor distance. They have worked well. When I am in the field doing as built I have to switch back and forth. For long sessions the glasses work great.
  24. If you are building spec homes. Chief will allow you to render some pretty realistic designs. I use it to generate premarket concepts along with the 2d drawings for a couple of builders/flip guys. 8 out of the 9 was sold before we demoed the existing structures. The 9th one is pending contract. Specs are easier when you are not dealing with HO in the building process. however, it feels good knowing you have a buy. Chief allows you to manage the expectations also. You can show people pretty much exactly what they are getting. May take you a bit to get up to speed but its worth it.