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  1. Hi every body , how we can define this as an appliance to cabins? Bitaraf_Ver2.zip
  2. Thanks mate , just run the software and run an update , and tried to record the screen but it seems to the problem is not existing anymore . We bought this software physically . i have the package .
  3. Hi , when ever i press delete key i should see this why ? seriously ? this bug was within chief since 2 years ago that i started with it .
  4. That's because you're only using chief so lets say , um , we just want a wall dimension to be locked , this is very simple , because in a very complex REAL WORLD map , we don't have square walls we have off angle walls we have stuff that controlling them is a little bit hard , and suddenly when an important wall dimension changes anything become destructed it could be better if it was able to do that , like other software , like solidWorks constraint dimension system
  5. How to fix wall length Or lock the wall dimention so they don't change . i would be thankful if somebody help .
  6. "Auto contrast " was the problem , the bloom that you''re showing wasn't my purpose , btw thank you alot for your participation .
  7. Guys sorry for updating this topic here are some information about this scene , guys i really need help here : Untitled 1.zip
  8. Hi every one , how can i achieve these as shown in pictures below with raytracer render : Guys im really waiting for someone answering me please