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  1. Alchemyjim

    Matterport to As-Built

    Hi everyone. I need a chiefer to make an as-built from a matterport. Attached is the basic floorplan. One story, pretty easy. I will send the matterport link to the designer. I will need accurate wall finishes, flooring, doors and windows, trim, cabinets, fixtures, etc. The works. Let me know rates and about how long you think it would take. I get these all the time and it could turn into semi-regular work for the right person.
  2. Alchemyjim

    BTU Rating

    Hi Joe. In Monterey here. They always ask for that. Not sure why this is viewed as some "big government" intrusion. You want to know the miles per gallon for a car. Why not pay attention to home energy use?
  3. Alchemyjim

    Changing how walls look in plan view

    I am giving robdyck an upvote even though he has two first names.
  4. Alchemyjim

    Different Layer Nomenclature

    I make custom layers for things all the time. Usually they are project specific. It helps to start every layer name with a space. That way all the custom layers associated with the project are at the top of the list.
  5. Alchemyjim

    Layer sets vs. Saved Plan Views

    I have been using chief for a few years. Just recently wrapped my head around Saved Plan Views. I feel like an idiot for not using them earlier. Chief is really like an onion. Every time you peel off a layer you cry a little bit for not realizing something sooner.
  6. Alchemyjim

    Kansas City floor plans

    I would see if there is a local person that can create a Matterport scan of the place. Then any remote CA user can build an accurate As Built.
  7. Alchemyjim

    Topo Lines in 3D

    2020-04-11 16-10-33.mp4
  8. Alchemyjim

    Topo Lines in 3D

    Hi everyone. I found an interesting way to show topo lines in 3d. It is especially helpful when showing how a building will be cut into a hill. I transform the elevation lines and turn them into rope lights. Copy Elevation Line, Convert to Polyline, Convert Polyline, Select Rope Light. You can even adjust light value and play with it in Standard or PBR. Good times. 2020-04-11 15-58-28.mp4
  9. Alchemyjim

    Toilet in Bedroom

    Hi All. I have a question that is not necessarily Chief related. More of a code question. A client with a physical disability would like to remodel their garage into a large accessible bedroom. Because of his disability he needs a toilet and vanity in the room. Is anyone familiar with the code on this? Would you need to apply the bathroom codes to the bedroom? So many questions. It is in California. Thanks
  10. Alchemyjim


    The new version is slick!
  11. Alchemyjim

    Structural Steel Design In Chief Architect

    This is one of those instances where it must be drawn with polyline solids. Make sure you create a layer called "Steel Framing" or something similar to place all these pieces. Once you have mastered the polyline solids this is relatively simple.
  12. I was not aware of the :Skylift" system. Brilliant. I have designed several patio covers and decks using custom made, powder coated steel brackets that look almost exactly like these. Glad someone finally made an off the shelf version. I have a current project where a client want to add a deck over a low sloped roof. I designed 3 custom brackets in chief to send to the metal shop. I would use the "Skylift" system but their website only mentions patio covers. I guess I need to call them and see what kind of load the brackets will carry.
  13. Alchemyjim

    Move Exterior Door so casing touches corner wall

    Try the "Transform/Replicate" tool. That should force it to move a few inches in the X or Y coordinate. If that doesn't work, turn off the casing in the DBX. Move it. Then turn the casing back on.
  14. Alchemyjim

    Missing Layout files

    Bummer. I hate that. Have you looked into your program Archive folder? Most of your file should be there. No need to redo the plan. When you find it, make sure not to rename the file. It will be called "youproject"_auto_save_bak.layout. You will need to make this your primary file name. If you change it, all the plan files will be disassociated. Good luck
  15. Alchemyjim

    California Assembly Bill 68

    I disagree. This NIMBY'ism (if that is a term) of the last few decades that has led us to this problem. California has a severe housing issue that only infill will begin to address. Having more housing closer to essential services makes a lot more sense then building new residential in the outlaying areas. Especially when you consider that the only open areas left are hampered by high fire insurance premiums, lack of services, high cost of construction and environmental impact studies. I'm also not trying to get political, just a realist. If your only argument against this is about your "high living standard" then move to another state. California is expected to have 44.1 million people by 2030. Where are they going to live? In shanty towns by the railroad tracks?