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  1. Alchemyjim

    Structural Steel Design In Chief Architect

    This is one of those instances where it must be drawn with polyline solids. Make sure you create a layer called "Steel Framing" or something similar to place all these pieces. Once you have mastered the polyline solids this is relatively simple.
  2. I was not aware of the :Skylift" system. Brilliant. I have designed several patio covers and decks using custom made, powder coated steel brackets that look almost exactly like these. Glad someone finally made an off the shelf version. I have a current project where a client want to add a deck over a low sloped roof. I designed 3 custom brackets in chief to send to the metal shop. I would use the "Skylift" system but their website only mentions patio covers. I guess I need to call them and see what kind of load the brackets will carry.
  3. Alchemyjim

    Move Exterior Door so casing touches corner wall

    Try the "Transform/Replicate" tool. That should force it to move a few inches in the X or Y coordinate. If that doesn't work, turn off the casing in the DBX. Move it. Then turn the casing back on.
  4. Alchemyjim

    Missing Layout files

    Bummer. I hate that. Have you looked into your program Archive folder? Most of your file should be there. No need to redo the plan. When you find it, make sure not to rename the file. It will be called "youproject"_auto_save_bak.layout. You will need to make this your primary file name. If you change it, all the plan files will be disassociated. Good luck
  5. Alchemyjim

    California Assembly Bill 68

    I disagree. This NIMBY'ism (if that is a term) of the last few decades that has led us to this problem. California has a severe housing issue that only infill will begin to address. Having more housing closer to essential services makes a lot more sense then building new residential in the outlaying areas. Especially when you consider that the only open areas left are hampered by high fire insurance premiums, lack of services, high cost of construction and environmental impact studies. I'm also not trying to get political, just a realist. If your only argument against this is about your "high living standard" then move to another state. California is expected to have 44.1 million people by 2030. Where are they going to live? In shanty towns by the railroad tracks?
  6. Alchemyjim


    Also a good tip for Twin Motion users... Make sure you start your building near the 0 point of the X Y axis. If it is way off from there you will have a very difficult time finding it once you import to Twin Motion.
  7. Alchemyjim

    Architectural Degree Required?

    I'm a building designer on the central California coast. In this area there are a few restriction on what you need an Architectural license to design. Basically you only need that licence to design a residence over 6400sqft of commercial over 1000 sqft. However I have gone over those limits and not had an issue. The important part is that a structural engineer sign off. There is no way around that one and for good reason. Even an architect has no business preforming complex structural calculations unless they also went to school to learn the math required to assess force loads, which is not an in depth part of the architectural curriculum. I could go of on a long tangent here but basically I suggest "De Architectura" by Marcus Vitruvius Polio (of Vitruvian man fame). He lays out a very clear case for a building designer to be a structural engineer, general contractor and designer before they can call themselves Architect (Greek for Master Builder). It makes a lot of sense because you have to know what you are building with, the material availability and the labor force before you finalize a design. But that was in Augustus's Rome. With the complex nature of supply, labor, design and structural suitability required of today's buildings each aspect must be delegated to professionals in their respective field. Basically my advice is that it is great that you have a solid knowledge of materials and construction. Focus on designing the space, that is a difficult enough task, let an engineer do the rest (and accept the liability if it falls down).
  8. Alchemyjim


    I like the smoke coming from the fire place, I just wish you could adjust the density. It is too black. Now it just looks like you are burning tires.
  9. Alchemyjim


    Here is one I just started. I created the model in Chief then exported to Twin Motion. Still needs some work but it is getting close.
  10. Alchemyjim

    Recessed lights on a sloped ceiling

    This image was not rendered very long but it shows how the Offset Distance effects the end product.
  11. Alchemyjim

    Recessed lights on a sloped ceiling

    In the recessed can DBX go to Light Data. Under Offset, set the dimension From Base to 6". You can play with that offset dimension based on the pitch of the roof.
  12. Alchemyjim

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    Ariel fan here too.
  13. Alchemyjim

    Rounded Roof Eaves

    Thanks for the input everyone. Looks like I have a long weekend of playing with roof eaves.
  14. Alchemyjim

    Rounded Roof Eaves

    Hi fellow Chief Nerds, I have been using Chief for awhile now. I thought I could pretty much handle anything the real world threw at me. Until I got this curve ball. Anyone have an idea on how to create these rounded wood shingle eaves? The shingles curve all the way back under the eave. What would you even call that? All I can think of is creating half tubes with a poly solid, rotating to align with the roof slope then painting them with wood shingles. Fortunately none of the roof planes are being changed for this remodel so I don't need to be too detailed, but I still need the elevations correct for the design review board. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks y'all.
  15. Alchemyjim

    Frost Proof Shallow Foundations

    Hi. Solver is correct. There really is no reason to create the model with the FPSF design. Mono Slab and details should do it.