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  1. MarkSM

    materials list

    What is the easiest way to get a take off on an exterior wrap, like OSB?
  2. MarkSM

    sloped walls

    sorry, yes. the framers are NOT framing them, based on the plan. The builder is having the masons build the angled walls, which is costing a fortune. Also, the engineer isn't seeing a wall there either, so its not getting on the foundation plan.
  3. MarkSM

    sloped walls

    Thanks, Mark. I'll try that and try to do some more searching. I must not be using the correct key words.
  4. MarkSM

    sloped walls

    I am drawing a lot of these elevations with angled or "sloped" walls, like in the pic below. Im drawing them with a polyline solid. The problem is that the framers are framing them out because they aren't showing up as actual walls on the plans. Do anyone know of a way to draw an angled wall that looks like this? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. MarkSM

    x12 question

    Got it. Thanks guys!
  6. MarkSM

    x12 question

    where did my Build--->fireplace tool go?
  7. MarkSM

    Plotter recommendation

    I’m looking for a new plotter/printer and the three that seem to be the “go to” are the -HP T130 and T530 -Canon iPF670 -Epson T3170 I do about half color and half black and white 24x36. I’ll need wireless connection, which I don’t think the Canon has. Wondering if any of you use my of these and what your experience is. Or any other one I’m missing under $2000. Thanks!
  8. MarkSM

    square footage display

    Sometimes, my square footage display disappears. Either something that I turn off or maybe I accidentally delete it. Im not sure. The question is, how do I get it back? I've tried turning in all layers, but it's not there. This is the one I'm referring to....
  9. MarkSM

    Dormers are stupid...

    I went to the attic floor and even tried adding a second floor. No luck. Its the two walls underrate my dormer that it doesn't like. I just can't figure out why it won't let me delete those walls.
  10. MarkSM

    Dormers are stupid...

    Sorry Tommy. I should have been more c lear. I just want a floating dormer.
  11. MarkSM

    Dormers are stupid...

    It should be the same scenario either way. Just a different size dormer. Thanks Eric
  12. MarkSM

    Dormers are stupid...

    I'm trying to place an auto dormer. I'm getting the whole "walls are in the way" message. The problem is that it won't let me delete the walls that are in the way. Why? any help would be greatly appreciated. connally.plan
  13. MarkSM

    auto story pole question

    youre probably right. there may have to be some level of magic involved in what im asking. is there anything wrong with suspending reality and just getting what I want?
  14. MarkSM

    auto story pole question

    I thought that too, but it happens on the other side too, which has a ceiling as well
  15. MarkSM

    auto story pole question

    I tried 100% and still get the same result.