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  1. Chris, Very nice modern design done well! Don't know if you are aware (or if it matters for this project), but it is possible to slightly recess the channels for this type of siding so they show properly in 3D. You just need to use the Material Region tool with the material set to transparent in the places where you want channels, being sure Cut Finish Layers of Parent Object is selected. This creates a "cutout" in the siding back to the next layer. The channels you created can then be set back beyond the face of the siding. It is a little more work for sure, and so maybe you will want to do it only on the views you will be showing to the customer, but at least it is an option that is available. Good luck!
  2. Johnny, what program did you use to produce these drawings?
  3. For anyone interested in using the Simpson Door Company sidelights, I am told the issue will be reported (and I assume corrected), but in the meantime I was told that ...you can address the issue for any sidelight by opening a sidelight's specification dialog and specifying it as a Hinged door; resizing it as needed; and removing the hardware. If you want, you can add the resulting customized door to the User Catalog for future use (just bear in mind that when placed, the door will draw open.) This does appear to work although in plan the sidelight is located inline with the door itself.
  4. You're right, Joe, that is a lot of work for something that hadn't ought to be this way. I will report it to Chief. Not Good! is right, Dennis.
  5. Speaking of sidelights, the Simpson Door Company (manufacturer) catalog has a very nice selection of sidelights. However, when place in a plan they come in as bi-fold doors! I have tried to change them back to single sidelights but to no avail. Anyone know what to make of this?
  6. You may also find the comments in these two post of interest: https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/4046-elevation-lines/ https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/2933-measurements-on-elevations/
  7. I did this roof-inset balcony in an earlier version of Chief. I have not done one since, but I would like to think it is still possible.
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    Ha! I would have thought you wrote it.
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    Great tip, Glenn. Where is that in the Ref. Manual?
  10. Thanks, Tommy and Jon. Funny I downloaded the Arcways Balusters and Newels catalog and, surprisingly, it did not contain any handrails. However, the other Archways catalog you referred to, Jon, did! Thanks again Btw, in my search for handrail profiles (dxf, pdf) to download/import, I came across this site. https://www.hardwood-lumber.com/mouldings-one/mouldings/handrails/
  11. Hey everyone, I am looking for handrails like the ones that are circled in the attached pic. Could not find them in the library. Thanks in advance!
  12. Here is a link to the video called Showing an As-built's Mask on a Remodel Plan.
  13. Thanks, Perry. That did it. Your tip made it worthwhile wading through this thread.
  14. It is not being paid to: A floor joist cost only a fraction of what a beam cost.
  15. Perry, Are you saying this is possible after the joist have been drawn? I am not getting that result if your answer is yes. Can you elaborate? Thanks
  16. If you draw a wall (interior, exterior, foundation etc.) and then open the Wall Specification dbx and check "Invisible" on the General Tab that wall will display as dashed lines in plan (no layers, no color). Moreover, that wall will be placed on the "Walls, Invisible" layer (see attached). The only time it would not be placed on the "Wall, Invisible" layer would be in the situation that Robert pointed out. If you are not getting those results, something is amiss. Do you want to post this plan?
  17. I ran into this problem the other day with a plan I had begun to work on. Even though I had both Temporary Dimension Defaults as well as Dimension Defaults set to Locate Interior Wall Centers they simply would not.I closed the plan, opened a new one and the problem was resolved. Weird stuff. I did a search of this Forum and there was one other post with a similar issue. Chief's Vista...I hope not.
  18. Agreed, Perry. I have it set to zero for now (which is a pain), but I want eliminate any and all known factors that may be contributing to the problem.
  19. I saw some real improvement in performance with the latest release, but it is patchy and there have been other issues, such as having to turn off Framing Labels in elevation view to keep the zooming from shuddering. Reducing recent files did not do much for me, maybe b/c it was set to eight. I, too, am hoping another release is in the offing that will finally resolve this issue for everyone.
  20. Are you going back to X6, and if so is it because of the slowness issue?
  21. Justin, could explain what you are referring to here? Are you sending different views to layout and then lining them up one on top of the other? Also, a little later on you and Joey talk about "a watercolor ortho with line overlay and shadows", is this the same procedure? Thanks
  22. Whatever works best to easily and accurately convey the information contained on that particular sheet. So some sheets will be in color, some in B&W or grayscale. I feel this to be an important aspect of my job as a designer. So even if the amount of color is negligible, if it helps to make things clearer for the reader (and that includes the building official), I will use it. On the other hand, too much color may be distracting, so you have to be careful too.
  23. Thanks, Michael. That is what I thought. I was hoping there was something a bit easier, but in a pinch I think your method does the job.
  24. Michael, care to share with us how you accomplished this? Looks a lot like what I thought the OP was looking for.