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  1. I am with you, Perry. I always use a CAD mask in a remodel (and have never used the Demo Wall, either). I just didn't know if there might not be a better way.
  2. Perry, as you know, the Demolition Walls have hatching, but when you make them invisible so as to avoid the problem in camera view that the OP brought out, they loose their hatching in plan. Like you, I thought the Hatch Wall tool might work, but no soap. It looks like when (any?) wall is made invisible, the fill is lost in plan, which sort of neuters the Demolition Wall: you either loose the demolition designation (hatching) in plan, or you live with the problems it creates in camera views.
  3. MickeyToo


    Thanks, Perry and Joe. Very useful tip! This does not come across in the Chief videos I have viewed on this topic.
  4. OK. Is there a way to restore the hatching of the demolition wall in plan after it has been made invisible?
  5. Electromen, in your visit to Fallingwater, you have hit upon a couple of key concepts of what makes for great architecture. To quote from Matthew Fredrick's great little book, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, "Our experience of an architectural space is strongly influenced by how we arrive in it. A tall bright space will feel taller and brighter if counterpointed by a low-ceilinged, softly lit space." This is the concept of counterpoint and "every aspect of a building offers such opportunities...such as using repetitive columns against a continuous wall..." The second key concept that Wright's Fallingwater so famously demonstrates is that of genius loci, or genius of place, which, again quoting Frederick, "is used to describe places that are deeply memorable for their architectural and experiential qualities." (emphasis added) If you interested in learning more about what makes for good architecture (concepts and methods), Matthew Frederick's short, introductory work is a good place to start.
  6. Thanks, buzzsaw. It has the look of Country Blueprint, but I knew it wasn't that. I'll have to download and install those. Another nice caps only font is MyHand2 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1).
  7. Buzzsaw, just curious, what font is that you are using?
  8. Thanks, Scott. I understand what you (and others) are suggesting. The point is well-taken. That said -- and I know you qualified your comment by saying "maybe," -- but how might you get Chief to (auto) build the foundation on anything other than Level 0? That was really the crux of my original question regarding Perry's comment, since I do make use of the "Build Foundation" feature in Chief... and I assumed he was too.
  9. "The Foundation is Level 0. The Basement - if there is one should be on Level 1". That is the problem Joe and Perry. I am on the East Coast (New England), and so the basement is generally the below grade, "usable" living space encompassed or defined by a full (structural) foundation of concrete (although it can be of other materials, as well). We generally don't talk about a basement as being "above the foundation" (sounds rather odd!), except, I suppose, in the case of frost foundation walls being under the walk-out portion of a "basement". That is what through me for a loop. I was also interested to learn how you could get Chief to change the way it designates the various levels, and that question was answered.
  10. Thanks, Joe. It is just that in the past SketchUp (or something similar) was the "go to" program for symbol development. It is good to know that Chief can now handle that task.
  11. That I know, Joe, But Perry said he is making the basement level 1, not level 0. The basement is where the foundation (level) is. No?
  12. How exactly do you do that, Perry?
  13. Thank you Joe and Scott (and Greg). All very helpful. I have downloaded Joe's symbol workshop videos that Jim posted, and am looking forward to reviewing them. One last question: Are you making these symbols in Chief?
  14. Here you go. X7 Floor Framing Test.zip
  15. OK. So I joined the two panels together, as described, but the Convert to Symbol tool is grey out. Care to give a hint? Also, maybe elaborate on what you mean by "new location of cut planes."
  16. Thanks, Joe. Good to know...if I can keep all of this straight!
  17. Not sure if I am understanding the problem with not being able to edit the glass symbol in plan. Here I used a Pass-Through and a Doorway to make the opening and the glass symbol shows in plan sitting on the wall below. I used a p-solid for the ledge.
  18. Thanks, Bill. This is high on my list to get my arms around, so I appreciate your help and may post questions down the road.
  19. Joe, you are talking to the uninitiated when it comes to symbols in Chief. So it cannot be a door from the Chief library (or from any manufacture library?), it has to be a door that was created as, or converted to a symbol. Yes? So I have a door that a user posted a little while back (can I assume it is a symbol?). And the z origin: This is the Floor to Bottom distance? So when I do this, even though Use Threshold is unchecked, I don't get a gap. What do you think?
  20. OK, Bill. Here is another challenge: Is it possible to apply the profile I submitted earlier to the wall in a situation like the one in this pic, which I believe came from the other thread you provided to link to? Bill, I just realized the answer to my question may be contained in other thread you posted, which I have not had time to dig into yet. Sorry if that is the case.
  21. Perry, I have not posted the videos per Dermot's comment/request that "This is not something we [Chief] can diagnose on this forum. You need to work directly with tech support." I concur b/c all things being equal, that is, if the hardware (and any relevant settings) have not changed and the operator is performing similarly, then the issue (and the solution) resides in the software itself, especially considering the significant changes that were made "under the hood" in X7, which Dermot outlined earlier in this thread. Btw, I liken the slowness I am experiencing (which, as I said, can be quite random) to unexpected and unwanted speed bumps in the road, interrupting an otherwise steady work flow. So as brief as each single lag might be, cumulatively they contribute to a generally slower (and unpleasant) experience overall. Btw, I do note significant changes in the Render Tap in Preferences. Specifically, settings for Triangles, Smooth Faces, Use Transparencies and Use Enhanced Lighting were eliminated. Is any of this contributory??? X6 vs X7.zip
  22. Thanks, Joe. That's perfect! Interesting video, too, Larry. Related question: It there a way to create an air gap under (regular) door?
  23. Joe, I tried your suggestion, but here is what I come up with. What might I be doing wrong???