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  1. Most if not all states have a an exemption clause that allows individuals who are not licensed architects to be able to design homes and commercial up to a certain point. However, individual cities can have their own rules/regulations and they may actually require an architect in their municipality regardless of the state exemption. I'd find out what they consider "supported by an architect". Do they want an architect to do the work or simply review and sign off on it? The "technical " difference could mean a little or a lot of $$$.
  2. Hi, thanks everyone for the comments and tips. So in a nutshell, the actual room generated molding cannot but I could make a a molding polyline do what I need. I appreciate the input and will see what I can do. J
  3. Quick question. Has anyone been able to have the crown molding follow the angle of a cathedral ceiling? I am not talking about a soffit but the crown molding only. I've not seen anything in the knowledge base or in the forum here yet so if anyone has done this I'd like to know how it was accomplished. Thanks. JGillette
  4. This posting is now closed. Thank you, to all who responded.
  5. Hi, I have a project that will require some high quality renderings. There will be multiple areas and all will be of interior views. Client is giving me the color schemes, furniture, fixture selection and all other interior selections tomorrow. Once I get the quantity of renderings needed from my client, I'll let you know how many I need to have done. I can't tie up my main workstation with doing renderings while I'm working, it'll slow me down too much. So if anyone is interested let me know. Things I need to know from you is: Do you have CA X13? How many can you do?(For those w/multiple computers) Approximate length of time to do rendering(s) Send me estimate per rendering. Send me a direct email so I can send you the files. All correspondence will be kept confidential so send me a PM. Thanks.
  6. So, its not really a "prairie" window at all but the craftsman. I've switched to using the craftsman style on the casement and it worked. That is nice. Thanks gentlemen for your assistance. I appreciate it. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
  7. This is a prairie style window, Crafts man is like the one that Eric posted previously. As I said, I am not sure that the client understands which style she wants. I've tried to explain the difference but...
  8. The attached window is the style she wants in her casements. In real life this can be done as a custom job. However, in chief, I have found that this canonly be achieved by using a single hung or double hung window. I have not been able to get this to work in a casement. thus the reason for my question. As I said, the one that Mr. Carrick posted is close only need to take up at least half the window.
  9. Although right now, I am not so sure my client understands what she's asking for. I appreciate all the responses.
  10. Mr. Carrick, This is almost spot on. the top three sections would need to be much larger and extend to at least half of the window. This is really close.
  11. Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, no, the casement window itself has to be or look like a big "prairie" window.
  12. Hi, I have a question. Has anyone ever made a casement window in chief with "prairie" style windows? In all my years of working with chief, I have never been able to do it in chief automatically or naturally. I have always had to fake it in the 2D detail or elevation views. It works great with a single hung or double hung window but not with a casement because the entire window section is operable not just one half like the SH/DH windows. IF anyone has ever made one, I would definitely like to know how. Thanks.
  13. Jesse, More than likely the architect you gave them to is not a "chief " user,. My guess is that he is an AutoCad/Revit user and does not/will not want to take the time to wade through the layers etc. which is his prerogative. However, that is no excuse to be RUDE. If I were in your position after having someone say that I would NOT hire him. He has already shown what kind of person he is (arrogant) and to speak that way to a person who could have been a paying customer just goes to show he is not worthy of your money. What I recommend you should do, is get one of the guys here on this forum who is familiar with & uses basically the same software or who can do a "save as" to help you. Have them tidy up and/complete the construction drawing set and then you give the set to your builder. You will be, by far, better off working with a "like fellow". Just my opinion.
  14. Good afternoon. I'd like to extend a thank you to all who sent me their contact information. I appreciate all the quick responses. As I said, you will be dealing with my client directly so I wish you all good luck. This service request is now closed.
  15. Good afternoon all, I am working on a project for a client and am in need of some "rendering" assistance. I am very busy with my work and don't have time to do the renderings necessary for my client. If someone is interested let me know i.e. send me a PM. with your contact information. You will be dealing with my client yourself, so professionalism is expected. Thank you.