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  2. i'm not creating working drawings for each of these jobs i'm creating a plans book (this is for all of our companies plans as a marketing tool) its made up of floor plans and front elevation only for 25 different houses. meaning i can print all 25 houses from 1 layout not from 1 individual file. if that makes sense working drawings are something completely different to what im doing.
  3. Hello again. I have been tasked with he job of converting my companies Autocad DWG into chief Every house bar this one have been easy because there is nothing simple about these stairs. can anyone help me with a simple/easy way to do this staircase? I feel my only option is to draw landings and change the heights of them.... Sorry the cad file make it look messy but you will be able to see my issue. the AutoCAD layer is called "*AutoCAD" shout be at the top of the layers list Catalina.plan
  4. Hi Everyone I have been trying for a while to come up with a way to create this type of "rotated" molding line for half wall Paneling (Hampton style) Now that I have figured it out I thought I'd help out by sharing my little Library Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. Stay posted as I plan on adding to the different style of panelling enjoy Hamptons style Wall Cladding.calibz
  5. Hi guys Thanks for the replies. I don't think its video card as I am currently doing all of our 25 standard plans and this is the only one that has caused me this grief all of my others work perfectly fine in x6 & x7, I'll check for updates to be sure. I'll have a look to see if it works in x7 I didn't check this plan. As for layouts yes I'm using them, I'm putting my 25 plans onto the one layout book to print them all at once for our sales people. The reference to Autocad you may be talking about is I'm converting all the plans from "AutoCAD" to Chief and you may see my "AutoCAD" layer is turned ON its a massive job Thanks again guys. I do feel that I may have to redraw this one and see if I caused it to glitch somewhere along the way as its seems to be the only one....
  6. Hello I have been having a bit of a problem with a plan I'm doing. I'm trying to do my elevations but the foundation will appear perfect for about 3 seconds and then disappear. I have attached the file I have been working on and just cannot figure it out. I've tried rebuilding walls, layer displays, etc. can someone please help? I'm about to lose my mind X6, PC Windows 7 Maddison.plan
  7. Hello I've read a few of the forums but I couldn't find a solution to my problem. I'm trying to create high quality elevations to place on a layout page. I have seen a few people do this but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to produce it however. I would like to have my Ground lvl, tops of slab lvl, ceiling height, first floor height, & first floor ceiling heights showing on my elevations. I am aware of drawing the lines one the elevations but they never snap to the slab and to set them so they are exact seems impossible. In the past I've just used a line across the elevation and put it as close to the right position as possible but being a little bit O.C.D I cant handle knowing its not exactly right. can someone help me? I have a image to reference This is what I would like to produce with hight lines.. and I'd really like to have the widows with opening markers but I seem to only be able to do this with the swinging windows not Double hung or sliding