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  1. Using X-7 does anyone know of a way to add structural columns in the railing to support a roof for a covered deck? I'm trying to add them in specific locations (unequal spacing) so not to interfere w/ views from door and windows. I've done it before using cad blocks or even soffits but thought there might be better way. Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. I have tried to import this document, it will not come in as formatted and the tables will be wacky. No matter if you cut and paste in a text window, a rich text window or import as a PDF. Unless I am missing something I think the first way I suggested is about the easiest way to do it. Still a lot of clean up work to do and SLOW w/ all the tables in separate PDF windows.
  3. Yes David - I have done it that way also but you loose most of the formatting (i.e. tabs, indents, underlined words, bold words, italicized words and tables get all screwy) and still very time consuming.
  4. Does anyone have an easy way to import a word doc into chief X6 that does not change the formatting and/or tables. The way I have been doing it is to copy the tables from the word doc into a .pdf file, save the notes to a .dwg file than import them into chief. Very slow and time consuming process w/ 5 or 6 pdf's in one layout file. Deihl.layout
  5. Using X6 I'm designing a garage addition w/ 2 stories above it. I already have 3rd floor living space on existing plan. Any advice on how I can add a 3rd story floor above the 2nd story of garage w/o adding a new floor and loosing what I've already designed on the 3rd floor of main house? Thanks for any advice!Existing as
  6. Does anyone know why my referenced floors are only showing up partially? I've turned on all layers and rebooted. No luck.
  7. I've attached the file to view. The problem seems to be I have a number of attic walls in the existing home as well as the garage addition. I think it might be a "start over". Smith.plan
  8. Is there a simple way to convert attic space to living space (or 2nd floor)? Im trying to add a 2nd floor to a garage addition but not to the existing main house. If I "build a new floor" it will add the 2nd floor to the entire plan.
  9. Does anyone know of a way to draw diagonal siding to match a 5:12 roof pitch?
  10. Any good ideas on how to draw half walls under an arch using X6? (I've tried to do it using soffit but cant seem to get the arch in the soffit or w/ an arch opening in the wall can't get the half walls under the arch). Billy X6
  11. I understand you can make appear any way you want through DBX, but what about what is shown in the Schedule?
  12. Any ideas on how to get a exterior door in an interior wall? I need the exterior for a unconditioned space. Thanks, Billy X6
  13. Well everything in plan seems to work this way but you also have to do it elevations view. Seems challenging
  14. Can some one explain how I can take an existing As-Built Plan somehow place it on a lighter or darker line weight & layer,lock it, then lay a Demo plan (which would be the same as the As-Built Plan unlocked) over top of it so then you can modify the Demo plan? Than I need to do the same procedure for the Demo plan w/ a "New Construction" plan placed over top it. Any help would be much appreciated. I know your not Auto-cad professionals but in Auto-cad you can use a reference file (x-refs) as your base plan and put it on any layer and/or line weight you needed and that is basically what I need to do. Thanks. Billy X6
  15. Do you know of a way to create LO sheets w/ different sheet numbering (i.e. As-Builts, Demos, Architecturals, and Stucturals) all in one set? Thanks, BillyD