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  1. Polyline solids are FULLY editable only in the view they are created in, whether in plan or cross section elevation. In a view other than the one it was created in, a polyline solid can only be made larger or smaller. So if you start in cross section, you can reshape a polyline solid to look like a sloped slab (you will be looking at it on edge), for example, then in plan you can enlarge it to cover a area with four sides; but you will not be able to manipulate it to fill an L-shape area (you could using two separate polyline solids, one for each area). On the other hand, if you start in plan, you can manipulate a polyline solid to fill an L-shape area, but when you go to cross section elevation you will not be able to slope it (you can only change its overall size), that is, unless your change the polyline solid to a SOLID first (while you are in plan; look for the Convert to Solid tool at the bottom). In that case, you would be able to rotate it in cross section elevation. I don't know how Tommy was able to both slope a polyline solid in elevation AND reshape it in plan view.
  2. I would encourage anyone encountering this problem to contact tech support. Apparently they may not be aware of the extent of the problem.
  3. So if Chief can slope a ramp and a polyline solid, why not a slab? It would certainly be more intuitive.
  4. What programs do a better job of modeling window information, especially manufacturer libraries?
  5. Is there a way to get the side casings to sit properly on a sloped exterior sill? (see the gap in the attached pics)
  6. Very annoying. No handles, no Chief. Go to Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization then click on Display (on the right side) and make sure your screen is set to one of the three presets (100%, 125% or 150%). I had mine set to a custom setting (135%) and it seems that Chief could not handle that. As I said earlier, the problem is not as acute -- the handles get smaller, but they don't completely disappear. I sincerely hope there will be a permanent fix included in the next update. Btw, I am running Windows 7 Professional.
  7. Thanks, Perry. I did find that if the window with custom muntins is placed in the library, then copies of that window can then be placed in the plan (and the muntins do show). Otherwise, I guess you do them manually.
  8. I have had similar issues with edit handles arbitrarily resizing (in Preferences) for some time, and tech support is fully aware of it. I was told to change a Windows display setting (dpi), which has made the situation somewhat more tolerable, but it has yet to be fully resolved. In my case, opening Preferences and going to the Edit tab and then closing Preferences caused the handles to resize as soon as an object was selected in the plan. They would then continue to resize (down) one click/selection at a time until they were no more.
  9. Perry, how do you "apply them to all your windows"? I tried making the window with the custom muntin the default window using the Set as Default feature, but when I place a new window in the plan the muntins are absent. I then tried the same operation using a window with muntins derived from the window specification dialog and that one worked like a charm.
  10. OK. So it is corruption at the highest levels is what you are all saying. Is there no one reputable enough to tackle these? These types of things can get very costly.
  11. Why and what are they? Is there documentation?
  12. The Ceiling Break Lines appear in plan, but are not indicated as being present in Layers (no + sign). I am able to turn them off. Has anyone seen this type of behavior?
  13. I had the very same problem and sometimes maximizing and minimizing Chief did help to restore the status bar. I called tech support and they opened a ticket, but my latest inquiry says the problem is unresolved. Interesting, the problem has not occured since I installed the latest update (16.4).
  14. Thank you, Larry, for taking the time to provide that link. It was very helpful in answering, not only my specific question, but more importantly where Chief is right now with X6 when it comes to modeling traditional details. A mixed bag, for sure.
  15. I am evaluating X6 (the trial version) and would like to know if it is possible to extend just the roof decking and shingles to cover the crown molding running along the fascia (as it would when using the shadow board feature - see pics 3 & 4). Many colonial homes are trimmed out this way when no gutter is used (and even when a gutter is used, sometimes). The crown molding is then returned on the horizontal along and then into the side of the building. A board and flashing sit atop the crown molding along the side section, pretty much as I have drawn it here. The roof drip edge extends just beyond the crown along the front of the building. Is there a way to do this in X6? Thanks
  16. I came up with this solution: Draw a short cad line just above the rafter (it's not really a rafter, of course, it's a cad line); set point markers on either end of the line; dimension with the end to end dimensioning tool; reposition the point makers to the ends of the rafter. There must be a better way. As for measuring odd angled walls in plan; I simply drag with the end to end dimensioning tool (as in the training video) close to the wall. Unlike in that video, the dimension line is skewed and the make parallel tool is not available to help. Note that I have had to set cad lines perpendicular to the wall ends in some instances (I use a cad box to do that) b/c Chief won't recognize the wall end on these odd angled walls. Can I assume there are no dimensioning problems like this in Premier?
  17. I came across a training video on one of the six cds I purchased the program (#527), and at least in plan, Chief is suppose to automatically keep the measurement parallel on any angled wall as long as unrestricted angles is toggled and the measurement is pulled near enough to the the wall. It is not working for me in plan, or in the CAD detail so I just thought that maybe there was something else I missed.
  18. Nope. This is a "View 2 CAD" detail, and when the dimension is selected, the make parallel tool is not available. That tool is available if a line or other CAD object is selected, but not a dimension line. I have the same problem with odd angled walls working in plan: I can't get the dimension line to be parallel with the wall. Is there some setting that affects this other than the unrestricted angle setting? I am working in Chief 9.54, but I would not think that would make a difference???
  19. How can I get this dimension line to be parallel with the rafter. Setting unresricted angles doesn't seem to help. Thanks in advance!
  20. Thank you, Ben. It turned out that it was the handle on the end near the fixed panel. Moving it in or out did the trick. It has been quite a while since I used Chief and I am just getting up to speed. Thanks again.
  21. Is there a way to reverse the active-stationary units in a sliding patio door in Chief 9.54? Thanks, Bill