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  1. I'm trying to do framing plans and the framing is not showing up on the layer.



    Chris Dougherty, RA, AIA,LLC

    Chief Architect X13

  2. I'm having a problem drawing a deck on the upper level of a split-level home.  When I look at the overview I don't see the floor.  As a result, I can't show the supports below.  The deck is attached to the house.


    Chris Dougherty, RA, AIA,LLC

    Chief Architect X13


  3. Chrisdutch I'm having an issue with my default settings for wall types. I'm attempting to create a new exterior wall but when I open the wall types dialogue box I don't see the drop-down box for the inserting of materials and layers below the exterior layers/main layers/interior layers. I can't insert materials (exterior siding, building paper, etc.) Can anyone give me some direction on this? Chris Dougherty, RA, AIATroubleshoot question - 12.9.21.planTroubleshoot question - 12.9.21.plan Troubleshoot question - 12.9.21.pdf
  4. To all, As per a previous comment I have uploaded a sketch showing the issue I'm attempting to address. Chris Dougherty, RA, AIA, LLC Chief Architect Premier X12 Chief Architect sketch - 4.18.21.pdf
  5. I'm doing a small restaurant renovation in New Jersey and the building department has asked me to show the 12" extension at the top and bottom of the ramp. How can that be done in Chief architect? Chris Dougherty Chief Architect Premier X12
  6. I'm attempting to relocate a polyline solid in the "z" direction. I drew the polyline solid for an elevation on the high elevation of a shed roof and it located on the low elevation. Is there a way it can relocated to the high endOverview - 2.20.21.plan
  7. David, Good evening. Thanks for getting back to me. The term I should have used was a rectangular selection marquee around the area I was working on. I did get an answer that helped. The article for double slope roof doesn't note that I needed to click the shift button and hold it while I was dragging the window across the drawing. When I did that I was able to highlight the drawing and design the roof. I'm still working on it now. Chris
  8. i have Chief X12. I'm trying to design a two slope roof and am following the instructions on the help page. I set the the lower roof slope at 3 on 12 and have the walls drawn. When I attempt to drawn the "Marquis Window" using the build command I can't drawn the window I can only draw another wall. So I wind up not having a two slope roof even after I've set the upper roof slope at 6 on 12. Can anyone help me? Christopher O. Dougherty, RA,AIA,LLC Chief 12X PO Box 244 Pompton Lakes,NJ 07442
  9. No luck on that. I thought that I could modify the wall by looking at the bonus catalog and pulling the selection as a new wall type. But when I try to access the catalog in my manufacturer's catalog it's not there even though I downloaded it. Is there a trick I have to use to expand the catalog list? Christopher O. Dougherty, RA, AIA,LLC Chief 11X PO Box 244 Pompton Lakes,NJ 07442
  10. Does anyone know how to install items from the Nana wall catalog? Christopher O. Dougherty, RA,AIA,LLC Chief 11X PO Box 244 Pompton Lakes,NJ 07442
  11. I'm working on a project in West Orange NJ where the existing attic has a flared front elevation. Does anyone know how to deal with this in Chief Architect? I've enclosed the picture below as a point of reference.
  12. Good morning, I have the same issue with two clients. I'm assuming I have to do the wall first and then put the folding wall in afterwards. I'm open to suggestions.
  13. My client has asked that a specific handrail profile be placed on the drawings. When I check the folder I see the choices but when I attempt to upload one of the choices I only get the box shown in the pdf I've enclosed. Is there a way to extract the actual profile from the box? Handrail detail - 5.6.20.pdf