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  1. Hi guys. This is a very unfortunate design flaw, as it's almost always the case that when one is creating solids for 3d model details, concrete is NOT the material. In my case, I would certainly set the material to a solid color before mocking up trim, stair, railing, beam, etc details. The ability to set a default on this would be so helpful. Of course, if you did set a default while working on this or that and then want to set a different default while working on something else, you wouldn't want your previous items to change to the new default and thus there would need to be a sticky concept as well.
  2. You the MAN. Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  3. Hi. I'm using X11. The shadows that are cast in full camera views are very sharp edged and do not look good. Actually, they look so fake that I hesitate to show them at all. I used to use X8 before this and those shadows had soft edges. When I zoom in and out of the full camera, the shadows briefly display with a soft edge but then turn sharp. This especially looks bad for shadows caused by trees. HELP!