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  1. TheKitchenAbode

    Windows treatment adjustment, resizing

    Consider just placing the window covering independently in the plan. You can then move and adjust the height and width like any other symbol.
  2. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR VS Raytracing

    You're welcome. Just a note concerning rooms, I would not delay in having your rooms properly assigned to only when you encounter a problem. Rooms are fundamental to CA's operation and not having them properly defined could lead to all kinds of unpredictable behaviors. In your situation the problem likely relates to how CA treats the sun, the stairwell was defined as an interior room open below, the 2nd floor was defined as a porch, suspect CA saw the former as being inside the structure while the later as being outside. Another note concerning your plan, I noticed that you had several exterior walls on the 2nd floor that were rotated so the exterior side was on the interior and some of your walls where at different heights. These are also examples of things that can result in unpredictable behavior, as an example, when CA auto builds roofs it does not use the actual wall height for positioning it, it uses the height as defined in the rooms DBX, not the individual walls. Keep in mind that PBR'ing is mainly a final rendering process and it requires all the primary rooms, roofs and foundations to be in place and properly defined for it to generate predictable result.
  3. TheKitchenAbode

    Grainy ray trace

    Posting a sample pic would be most helpful. There are several reasons why your Ray Traces might exhibit excessive graininess, the most common is due to abnormally high light intensities and/or many highly reflective surfaces. A sample pic would likely indicate which of these is happening. As standard practice your model should always have a roof and a foundation with a floor. Without this there is a high likely hood that you will experience what we refer to as light bleed, usually evidenced by grainy bright areas along ceiling and wall intersections and floor and wall intersections. In this situation the sun light is bleeding through to the interior. If there is still evidence of this after placing a roof and foundation on your model then it's most likely the sun intensity is way too high. Grain can result from too many reflective surfaces including polished. In most cases they will clean up but it may take many passes and what's worse is as reflective surfaces increase your Ray Trace time per pass will also increase.
  4. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR VS Raytracing

    I just suggested it because it does at times eliminate that problem where one room shows a distinct difference in lighting as we have been discussing. Personally not sure why they have that option, if I'm PBR'ing why would I want "poor" light quality, I always have it checked to on.
  5. TheKitchenAbode

    Ray Trace CPU Utilization

    Chief has two different rendering methods, the first being Ray Trace and another newer method called Physically Based (PBR). Ray Trace uses the CPU and will scale according to the number of cores your CPU has, when Ray Tracing all available CPU cores should show 95%-100% usage, the GPU will show very little usage. The Physically Based renderer uses both the CPU and GPU, the CPU portion is not fully hyperthreaded so it will not use all of the CPU cores for most of the operation. After the CPU has compiled things your GPU will crank up, likely 80% or higher to finish off the render.
  6. TheKitchenAbode

    Occasional Symbol Selection Issue

    Thanks for the tip.
  7. TheKitchenAbode

    Occasional Symbol Selection Issue

    Yes Larry, I have had similar experiences like that. Even today after placing several area lights in my plan I could not select them by just clicking on them, had to do as you were doing by dragging a selection box over the area light symbol to get it selected. Strange as the light source layer is active and not locked and tabbing did not work either.
  8. TheKitchenAbode

    Turn Off Sun/Lighting For Perspective

    Anytime, thanks.
  9. TheKitchenAbode

    Turn Off Sun/Lighting For Perspective

    Here's an example. Perspective Overview Camera, Standard render mode. - sun intensity set to 0. - sun toggled off. - shadows off (optional). - nighttime Ambient 82%
  10. TheKitchenAbode

    Turn Off Sun/Lighting For Perspective

    You now need to adjust the render technique nighttime slider to brighten it up.
  11. TheKitchenAbode

    Turn Off Sun/Lighting For Perspective

    Try setting the sun intensity to "0". Plus you can turn off the sun.
  12. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Took a look at the plan. The main issue is that the 2nd floor room is defined as a "Porch", change the room to say "Unspecified" and the walls and ceilings will light properly. There are a lot of other issues in this plan but that is the main reason for the different wall color depth. Also, as Michael suggested, rotate the columns in the window to have the same orientation.
  13. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Might as well add one more trick. In the PBR Rendering Technique Options DBX under Global Illumination uncheck Improve Lighting Quality.
  14. TheKitchenAbode

    New iMac Specifications

    Might be worth reading a few of the test reviews here before dropping too many $'s on an iMac Pro. 7th, 8th & 9th articles.
  15. TheKitchenAbode

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Totally agree, but if things worked as expected then I'd have nothing to do for most of the day.