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  1. VirtualDesign

    Thea Rendering Software

    I'm wanting to export my projects to a better program for more realistic renders, I'm researching different software and am going to try out (for free) the Thea Render. It asks me what i would like to download either "Thea for Sketch up" or "Thea for Rhino". I don't know which on to download sense I don't have licenses with either of those programs. I have used Sketch up before but didn't think it was worth buying so I'm wondering, do I need to buy a third software in order to use Thea? I've read of chief users using Thea rendering so i know its compatible but do they import their chief model into another software before exporting to Thea? If anyone has any suggestions for other Rendering Programs, I'm open. Also i know Lumion is really well but I don't want to spend thousands of dollars. The Lumion option that's $1,499.00 does not seem worth it. I am looking to enhance my photos (specifically exterior) for Real Estate purposes. I have done chief renders and watched all the training videos, I want to up my game. Here's some chief renders I've done
  2. VirtualDesign

    Defaults vs Prefrences

    what's the difference between preferences and defaults?
  3. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    well I was forced to delete my deck in order to get the dimensions to appear. even if I turned them off on my active display set it still wouldn't work. li don't know how to keep my deck and dimensions
  4. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    the upstairs dimensions work fine
  5. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

  6. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    I cant get this "room" "exterior room" to delete. maybe that's interfering with auto cad exterior dimensions being placed?
  7. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    im wondering if this is a glitch or if I should be able to use auto exterior dimensions on multiple floors. I feel like I should be able to apply it to multiple floors
  8. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    im trying to create something to export to my layer set for the floor plans and need exterior dimensions for both
  9. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    yes. attempting to
  10. VirtualDesign

    Ceiling plane has a hole

    thank you eric
  11. VirtualDesign

    Ceiling plane has a hole

    okay thank you
  12. VirtualDesign

    Ceiling plane has a hole

    I removed a wall and the ceiling now has a cut hole in it from the wall I deleted. how do I re build the ceiling and fill the hole?
  13. VirtualDesign

    Auto Exterior Dimensions

    I have a two story house and the auto exterior dimensions I am trying to put on the 1st floor but they only will go on the second. My auto exterior dimensions is checked under active display so im not sure why I will only appear for the 2nd story
  14. VirtualDesign

    Trapezoid windows

    thank you!!