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  1. TimZ_at_JnJ

    Let It Snow

    Just came across this - looks amazing! I love the snow scene outside the window.
  2. O wow. From where I was standing looking over his shoulder, I couldn't see that those "lines" were showing down there. In fact, even now as I went to see if that was the cure, I had to be inches from the screen to see them (maybe I should get my eyes checked). Had I known that, I probably could have figured this out without hassling everyone. Thank you very much for the help, from my coworker and I!
  3. Selection and Preview pane do not show up. Attached is a screen shot.
  4. My coworker is currently having this same issue on X11 (and isn't as "tech savy", thus I'm trying to help him). I've matched his settings to mimic mine on X12 (uncheck Hide Selection Pane, uncheck Hide Preview Pane, etc), Reset Toolbars, Reset Side Windows all while closing and reopening the program after each attempt.
  5. Ok, I used a CAD line along the butted wall and dragged the window so it would line up flush, then copied the line down the 28" (width of the window), aligned that side. First time, it didn't work. Tried it again, and now it's working! Thank you for the help!!!
  6. I was just looking into this, as I was having that issue yet. However, I set Each Side to 0", but it's still not working. If I move either the window or the wall 1/16" of an inch off, it works. But I'd really prefer to have them line up as that is how it will be constructed.
  7. I have a furred wall on a foundation wall and the window comes through just fine. When I add a wall butting to the furred wall at a distance of 4" or more from the window, it's fine. However, if I move the butted wall closer than 4" from the window, the furred wall runs full height, blocking the window. The plan is have the butted wall flush with the window opening, but how do I get my window to show through the furred wall again? I've checked my settings and nothing is changing other than the butted wall coming within 4" of the window. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you for the quick replies! That probably could have been resolved on my own if I had spent a little more time looking at the options, especially being on the general tab. Thank you again - I appreciate the help!
  9. I've had a couple remodel projects lately where we are replacing an existing swing door from a master bedroom to master bath with a bar door. I would like the door itself to be 2"-4" wider than the opening (example: if the existing opening is 32", I would like the door to be 36" so that it overlaps the opening 2" on both sides). Is there a way to do this in Chief? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello, Perhaps I'm missing it, but I'm looking for a baseboard register such as seen below. I've used the provided wall register and rotated slightly to make look similar, but would like an actual file to drop in. If someone has one to share or has seen one they could point me towards, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.