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  1. Yes, a ray trace :). Although I've used Chief for years, I haven't been active on the Forums.
  2. I just received my new laptop and tested a full rendering under default in Chief 12. Laptop is an Alienware m17 R4 running: 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10870H Windows 10 Home NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 16GB GDDR6 32GB DDR4 2933MHz 1TB (2x 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD) RAID0 [Boot] + 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD [Storage] It's dam fast! My prior laptop took 54 minutes to run this identical rendering. The M17 took 2.46 minutes. My old laptop was a Lenovo Legion Y520 with an i7-7700HQ 2.8ghz and Nvidia card. Just thought I'd post that information.