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  1. I made some progress but now I'm stuck on the roof sort of speak. So far I've been able to add vertical blocking but it seems to be vertically aligned to the top of the rafter (ie. my rafters are 2 x 8 and the blocks are 2 x 6 - this is to allow for air circulation). How can I have the block to be seated on the wall top plate instead?
  2. For example I can see that the floor joists are setup correctly but I don't see the staggered blocks inbetween. What do I need to do exactly? The question was more for the frieze block between rafter/ceiling joist combo but as you can see, also applies to floor & ceiling joists. Thanks
  3. Thanks, what about blocking, is this something to be done manually as well?
  4. Hi, I'm hoping there some kind of tutorial out there on how to accomplish the attached. Somewhat of a half-gable roof beneath a gable roof. Thanks
  5. Howdy folks, 1st post here! Is there a configuration I missed somewhere to align the ceiling joists with the roof rafters or is this something I have to do manually. Also,where are the settings to show the blocking in the framing view? Thanks