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  1. DCB123

    Hiring - Drafter - Residential - FL - Work at Home

    Hello; My name, is Douglas Burgmann, as I used to work for John Agnelli Construction as a draftsman, way back when. I remember, having met you, and spoken to you in person during my time there working on Anna Maria, but, like I said that was more than 15 yrs ago now. I would welcome, the opportunity, to speak with you and your staff, there at Kern Construction, as I am interested in the remote position, working, as a sub contractor, As an architectural designer who primarily uses Chief. I could make the hour plus long trip, up to your office, say (2-3) times per week, meanwhile, working, between, (32-40) hrs per week, mostly, remotely, from my home office here in Port Charlotte, Fl. I am well versed, six plus year user of the CA software, know, Autocad, and other rendering softwares, (Twin Motion, Lumion). I have a list of homes, that I have designed, and am also, willing to share my portfollio with you. Pls, contact me to discuss this opportunity and set up a time for us to meet in person. Thx, Doug Burgmann Architectural Designer (970)987-4476 c Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com Web: http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com accurate Design Flier.pdf 1Resume - Douglas Burgmann.pages Pattillo Recomendation Letter0001.pdf Mic Baca_Doug Burgmann Letter of Recommendation.pdf
  2. ConLee; I have 5-6 years of experience using the Chief Premier software now, and am currently using the latest version X12. I have a portfolio that I can share with you, and my design/drafting rates are reasonable. Pls, get in touch with me, so, that we can talk. thx, douglas burgmann Chief Architect Designer dba Accurate Asbuilts & Design (970)987-4476 cell/txt Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com Web: http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com FB: dcb1234
  3. Hello, my name is Doug, as I am a Chief Arch’l Cad Designer, looking to help other contractors, builders and Chief users with their residential projects, 3D models, plans, walkthroughs, photo realistic renderings in Chief Architect & Lumion softwares. I have a well established portfolio of the houses that I’ve done, renders in lumion and twin motion, and other references as well. I would love to discuss your next design project with you, and even do a free online meeting, for us to get better aquanted with your Project. My professional rates are reasonable, depending on the size of the project, and the scope of the work, but I normally take payment on PayPal, and block out prepayment, for lesser amounts of time, or discuss, working on larger projects on contract basis. Pls, reach out to me, so, that we can discuss things further? We can discuss my rates, usually at $65 per hour, for my design and drafting time, based upon your needs and specific residential project. Douglas Burgmann Chief Architect Designer III Accurate Asbuilts & Design Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com cell: (970)987-4476 msg Web: http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com FB: dcb1234
  4. Hello; I am available immeadiately. I do great work, and have and pay for the SSA with X12. I am an advanced user, my rates are normally $95/hr, but, I am willing to adjust this rate a little to your budget if needed. Mostly, I can do the job for you, renderings also available in Twin Motion for an extra fee. Pls, feel free to call me today. Thx, Douglas Burgmann (970)987-4476 cell/text Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com
  5. DCB123

    Chief Specialist

    Hi If you will be outsourcing, pls, contact me directly. My name is Douglas Burgmann and my company is Accurate Asbuilts & Design my cell phone number is (970)987-4476 Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com
  6. I am available to discuss your project with you now, as early as tomorrow morning, this being Monday (09-21-20). In the meantime, pls, forward to me whatever documentation you have now, that you think, might be helpful, in getting me up to speed with what you are trying to do here now. My going rate is $90 per hour, for all of my Chief Design time, this includes all revisions, changes made to the plans. Pls, email me the PDFS, photos, and or the Chief files, that you have up to this point, and I will take a look and review things for you, then, get back with you to discuss. Douglas Burgmann Accurate Asbuilts & Design (970)987-4476 cell/txt/msg Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com
  7. I am happy to help, contact me pls. Doug Burgmann (970)987-4476 c Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com
  8. Hello,

    I have a place in the Bradenton area and I am looking for some training on Chief V12. All we do is the Framing on the units, But I do need to learn to extract out accurate materials for bidding, And all we do is Metal Stud framing.. May you be available to do some training for me from Time to Time.. I have never really used the software, But I am pretty good with Autocad


    Doug Biddle

    1. DCB123


      Well Doug;

      I am really not a trainer with Chief but, more, or less, we can work together,

      on say a project, and explore video tutorials, and other hands on information 

      either on the Chief website itself, or on YouTube. I will be happy to assist.

      Reach out to me directly.

      Doug (970)987-4476 c

      Email; douglasburgmann@gmail.com


  9. I am an experienced Chief Architect Designer of (7) years now. I have completed several large scale, high end custom residential home projects, here in SW Florida. I have samples of my work, and photorealistic renders, full walkthroughs animations all done in Lumion software. Pls, reach out to me, by phone, or the email listed below. I’de love to hear from you now. My rates are based upon the project, but, an idea of what I charge, is normally $50 per hour for my drafting and design time, this is somewhat negotiable, and can be addressed when we discuss your project together. Pls reach out to me to discuss your next project. Thx! Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com cell: (970)987-4476 msg/txt
  10. Does anyone have any pole barn plans, drawings, that they’ve done in Chief Architect to share with me now? This will be built out of 40’ lodge poles, with the overall dimensions being 28’ wide x 45’ long. Let me know please, how this is built using Chief? A Plan file, that you might share, would be greatly appreciated and helpful. thx, DCB accurate Design Flier.pdf
  11. DCB123

    Looking for experienced CA draftspersons

    I am a fluent Chief Designer, with over five years solid background. I have designed a half dozen luxury homes, here in Sunny SW Florida where I live. This work would have to be remote though. I’m available soon as well. i have a good portfolio to share. pls get in touch with me. thx! Doug accurate Design Flier.pdf
  12. DCB123

    Drafting Work - Construction Drawings

    I am available to help you here. my experience is ten years using Chief now. i recently complete a new CA X12 Church Design and Photorealistic Renders which we’re done in Lumion. Pls, contact me for further details. Douglas Burgmann Chief Architect Designer III (970)987-4476 cell/txt Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com Web: http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com
  13. Karen; Hello, my name is Doug Burgmann, as I’m a very proficient Chief Architect Designer from versions X6 through present with X12, and most importantly I reside here in SW Florida too, namely Charlotte County, or southern Florida gulf side. I just finished my first large scale commercial project, as it was the Trinity Lutheran Church, here locally in the Port Charlotte area. Pls, find some of the enclosed jpgs of the kind of renderings that we’ve done on our projects attached. Feel free, to reach out to me as well. thx, Doug Burgmann Chief Architect Designer III (970)987-4476 c Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com Web: http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com FB: dcb1234 1Resume - Douglas Burgmann.docx
  14. DCB123

    Hilton Head/Savannah Users

    I am rather interested in speaking to you, regarding your current Chief Architect design needs now. i feel very proficient in Chief X6 - X12 Premier, and have been using the software now for approxly 8-10 yrs. I recently finished up one of my bigger projects, but, this was my first commercial project, it was a Trinity Lutheran Church, here in my neighborhood of Charlotte County Florida. I am anxious to talk with you, so pls reach out to me now asap I have resume, references and would love to offer my services. thx, Douglas Burgmann Chief Architect Designer III (970)987-4476 c Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com Web: http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com FB: dcb1234 1Resume - Douglas Burgmann.docx
  15. DCB123

    Regular Freelance/Remote Part Time Drafter

    I am here, and ready to help. Pls reach out to me, if you so desire. I have 5 yrs+ in Chief as well. Here are several renders of the recent projects that I’ve done. call me pls Doug (970)987-4476 cell