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  1. So, to begin with, this is an old post, that I unfortunately forgot to take down, sorry. on a more positive note, I expect this year to be much better than the previous year. I work here locally, in SW Florida, and work for a general contractor here locally. He keeps me busy, to say the least. Please, send me some samples of your design work, jpgs, pdfs, and I will review, and then reply. These are the two residences that I have done for him to date. thx for your reply thx
  2. DCB123

    Remodel Plans

    Yes Sir, I live and own a CA CADD Design consulting service here locally in SW Florida, as it would be helpful, to recieve and follow up with these leads that you get now. If you’ve got any for me, than reach out to me please. call with any further questions pls? thx, Doug Burgmann dba Accurate Asbuilts & Design (970)987-4476 cell/msg Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com
  3. Sent you a PM by email just now
  4. DCB123

    Chief draftsman or designers

    Sent you an email, cheers
  5. Does this CA design professional absolutely have to be an architect as well? I am an accomplished CA designer, who, has several structural engineers, as well as the use of a local architect, who also uses CA, who will assist me, to complete the overall design, layouts and plans using Chief. My fees, are reasonable, normally, between $1.25 - $2.00psf,depending on the size, complexity, and time involved to produce the 3D model, layouts and construction documents required for permit. My email is douglasburgmann@gmail.com cell (970)987-4476 msg/txt
  6. DCB123

    Chief Architect Designer for hire:

    Contact info; Douglas Burgmann Accurate Asbuilts & Design (970)987-4476 c/msg email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com
  7. I am replying in the hopes of being able to speak with you directly regarding this work and your project, contact me asap please.
  8. DCB123

    Looking for Designer

    Hello Brian; I am an accomplished Chief Designer, as I work with a general contractor here locally as well. I have been using the Chief software ever since version 5 or 6. I am available now, as I would love to help you, and work with you on this project. Please, reach out to me, so that we can discuss the details, of what you’re trying to accomplish here, with your designs and plans. My rates normally are between $1.00 - $1.25 psf for the full model in CAX11, or HDP, plus renderings, and a completed set of construction documents. Thx ,
  9. DCB123

    Need urgent help modifying interior .plan file

    I have an SSA and use the latest Chief softwares. i have an extensive design background, and believe that I can help you. Please message me so that we can discuss things and make arrangements. thx,
  10. I am a Chief Arch’l Cad Designer, looking to help other contractors, builders and Chief users with their residential projects, 3D models, plans, walkthroughs, photo realistic renderings in Chief Architect X 11 & Lumion 9. I normally work part time for a builder here locally, here in Venice, Florida, Beechwood Design Solutions, Inc. I have a well established portfolio of the houses that I’ve done, renders in lumion and other references as well. I would love to discuss your next design project with you, and even do a free online meeting, for us to get better aquanted with your Project. My professional rates are negotiable, depending on the size of the project, and the scope of the work, but I normally take payment on PayPal. please, reach out to me if you need help?
  11. Can anyone explain to me just how you get these moldings to cooperate here? Trying to get this molding line to go only to the area that I am working on just where the custom foam windows exists. The file is too large otherwise i would upload it. Thx, Doug
  12. I am ready to speak with you, and offer my services for your specific local in SW Florida as I reside here as well. I work with Beechwood Builders, Inc. in Venice, Florida, but, would be happy to discuss your project with you? Just let me know.... Private Residence flyover video link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QF0dL0_GhM
  13. Got it all fixed, except this piece that is still not building in the roof above now...?
  14. I need to get some feedback, as to the solutions, as to why these attic walls above the main floor at the entrance to the house are building this way? I have messed with this for a while, and still haven't been able to figure it out yet.... Call me, or text me with answers, if you wish. Doug @ (970)987-4476 msg# The plan file is too large to post 25+megs.
  15. Keith; I sent you a personal email message. Please, respond, or feel free to reach out to me by phone, so thar we may have a discussion of how we might work together best, to assist you with your current design and drafting needs in Chief Architect... Wait to hear from you? Thx,