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  1. Thanks y'all, found it. Your suggestions helped. I renamed the Farmhouse plan and then was able to see that I accidentally sent a square footage schedule from the Farmhouse plan to the other project's layout file.
  2. Thanks for the replies, y'all are great. Here is a screenshot... so if I start Chief fresh and open the MOGL-House.layout file, it realizes it needs both the MOGL-House.plan file AND the unwanted .plan - Live Oak Farmhouse.plan. It finds and resolves just fine, and actually opens both referenced files it depends on and shows them in the project browser. What I want to figure out which thing in my layout it's using from that Live Oak Farmhouse.plan. One idea I guess would be to temporarily move the Live Oak plan to somewhere else so that it doesn't find it and see where the empty boxes are?
  3. Hey all, My layout file is referencing an additional .plan file in a different project. I'm not sure what I did. I know how to determine which plan it's referencing, I just don't know what element it's needed from that other file. Is there a way to figure that out so I can decouple it? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for pointing out that little check button. Actually, the problem was that it WAS checked. If I uncheck it then I can modify the texture just on that surface and was able to fix it. I would have never guessed "Global Symbol Mapping" = "Same texture coordinates," then I went and RTFM'ed that option and there it is... I swear I search and try to find the answer before asking a question here, and sometimes it just sits under your nose. Thanks again for the quick help! Cody
  5. Hi folks, wondering if there is a better way to fix this texture alignment issue below. Two different surfaces, same material, the textures don't align. I know that you can horizontally and vertically shift the texture in the material definition but that shifts the texture on all surfaces not just the problem surface. Brute force fix would be to copy the material and horizontally shift the copy until it aligns, but I would hope there is a better way. You would think you could just shift the texture on the problem surface, because I would imagine from a computer graphics perspective, this is just a texture coordinates issue. Thanks, Cody
  6. Thanks again all, BTW Rabbit I found your YT channel a few weeks back before I realized you were on the forum. I enjoy your content. I picked up CA in June and have been drinking from the firehose since. Cody
  7. Apologies, my brain missed the "Rebuild surfaces" part of your post. Kind of important I'm blaming the Texas heat and not my reading.
  8. Thanks! That indeed did the trick! And then you rebuild the dimension remains. Nice!
  9. I just answered one of my questions regarding the elevation saying in 10 1/8' rather than 10' 1 1/8". I reread it and realized it's a display format thing not a measurement thing. Man that was sneaky, my framers would miss that. I changed the settings for how the units are displayed and now it matches. My main question is still outstanding.
  10. Hey Everyone, I have a question about auto story pole elevations when it comes to finding the top of a knee wall plate. In an exterior elevation, CA doesn't seem to find the top of the plate when I create a roof on top of an automatically generated knee wall. I made a brief video to explain what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance! Cody StoryPole.mp4
  11. Thanks for this! I forgot that I didn't get back to you, but this worked! Cody
  12. Hey fellow Chief users, What audio/video capture software are you all using to record the videos and your audio explanations when helping users? Thanks! Cody
  13. I retreated back to build and everything seems to be fine now, so something with the new release, at least for me.