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  1. Howdy, Anybody have a suggestion how to do this sort of cottage brick detail in CA? Thanks in advance! Cody
  2. Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for! The wall was in the plan and invisible. That did it for me. Thanks!
  3. Hey folks, Trying to clean up my wall type definitions and was wondering what strategies you can employ to track down where a particular wall type is being used. When I try to delete a wall type in the Wall Type Definition DBX it tells me that this one wall type is in use in my plan, and perhaps it is being used in my defaults. Here is what I've done to try and figure out where it is but apparently, I haven't found the culprit yet. 1) I turned the exterior material of the wall type I want to delete bright red so I could see if anything in my plan is using it. 2) I went through every single wall default and made sure that those definitions are not using the wall type I want to delete. Are there other defaults that use a wall type that I'm missing? Thanks! Cody
  4. Nevermind, solved it... but this is a "good to know" so I'll leave it here. In your floor structure definition, each layer has its own structure attributes (rather than the whole floor structure only having a single attribute). If you didn't click on each layer in the floor and see the settings change you might not realize it. In the screen shot you can see that the OSB Hrz layer is selected and the framing is set to Truss, so it creates this little truss strip made of OSB. Likewise, if you click on Fir Framing 1, it will also be set to truss. If I uncheck the "Framing" checkbox on the OSB layer, it fixes the problem.
  5. Looking in my floor definitions, I definitely understand why there is 3/4 OSB above my trusses. 14" Web trusses, with 3/4" OSB as the subfloor. That said, I was expecting SHEETS of OSB over the top of the trusses rather than little strips. Those little strips also show up in my schedule and you can select them in the 3D view. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Seen this in X14 & X15, I have to hit Zoom Extents, sometimes a few times, to rectify.
  7. Interesting tip! Thanks DB. I'm going to experiment a bit on upcoming projects and see which is the easiest. Cody
  8. Thanks DB, I only started using Chief when X14 came out so I wasn't sure... I came up with a workaround but was hoping that with the new X15 rail enhancements I could avoid it. The additional controls to offset newels and beams does make offsetting porch columns off the edge of the porch slab much easier in 3D; however, the railing wall definition still in fact sits on the edge of the room/porch (which makes sense since they are used to define the room). For example, you draw a porch using railing walls, then use the new horizonal offset to move your newels/columns 6" away from the edge of your porch slab. While the newels and beam now move in 6", the wall itself hasn't really moved, so any 2D representation of the wall gets shown in addition to any rails and newels (if you've selected them to show up in 2D.) What I'm looking for is 1) I want to see the edge of the porch slab, 2) The columns on my porch, 3) a dashed line showing how the beam connects to all the columns. Right now the columns render fine, but for the beam and edge of the slab I have to draw 2D polylines (green arrow). The other thing I don't particularly like about doing porch columns using rails is that in order to achieve irregular spacing of your columns, you have to place doorways in your railing wall (red arrow) which works, but it takes a lot of massaging to get columns positioned right. Plus the 2D looks slightly different. Rather than spending hours wrangling with the railing settings, I'm thinking it's probably just easier to define your porch rooms using invisible walls, call the room a slab, then use 3D solids for all the columns and beams. I'm going to try that next time and see. If you have any advice to give, I'm a very willing learner.
  9. Hey all, this is X15 Beta BTW, though I'm pretty sure I can replicate it in X14 too... It looks like plan view line styles and colors in the wall definition DBX gets completely ignored for railings. Is this by design, a bug, or am I just missing something? The video shows it pretty plainly. Thanks! Cody 2023-03-04 15-16-00.mkv
  10. I've never been more excited about moving stair railing in my life. This has been the bane of my stair existence. LOL