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  1. mountaineer

    Stairwell room issue

    Thank you Yoda. I updated my signature. I posted that I was using Chief Architect 9, I should have been more specific. I usually upload my plan but my 2nd floor was blank so I was more interested if anyone was familiar with that error code since there was nothing in Knowledge base. Thanks for your input. I truly respect and appreciate all of the users that are willing to help, especially being a rookie user. I just felt that "Signatures" comment brought nothing positive to the conversation and I guess I just felt it was unnecessary. Hopefully someday as I get better at this I'll be able to offer help to new users as well. Thanks again for your input, it is truly appreciated.
  2. mountaineer

    Stairwell room issue

    Thank you Eric! I honestly had no idea there was a difference between x9 and version 9. I do appreciate your help very much. I updated my signature.
  3. mountaineer

    Stairwell room issue

    Thanks everyone for the positive input and help! I greatly appreciate it. I deleted my 1st floor walls around my stairs and it fixed the problem. Then I was able to just draw them back in. To the Signature comment.....I explained in my post I was using version 9. I don't use forum often and apparently forgot to update my version in my signature. Thank you for pointing that out but the others were able to suggest input without a problem. Not sure why you felt the need to comment.
  4. mountaineer

    Stairwell room issue

  5. mountaineer

    Stairwell room issue

    Thank you!
  6. mountaineer

    Stairwell room issue

    Hey guys. I'm using Chief Architect version 9. I just got and error message that says "Could not connect new stairwell railings to some of the existing walls or railings, so could not make the open stairwell room." I've never seen this error before and there isn't anything in the knowledge base? Wasn't sure if anyone has seen this. At this point I have a blank 2nd floor and my cross section looks fine as far as stair height.
  7. mountaineer

    Deck and Railing Issue

    AHA!!! Thank you kind sir!!
  8. mountaineer

    Deck and Railing Issue

    I changed the color of my deck posts etc. Received the warning of changing deck materials. Now when I try to move my deck railing, only the railing moves and the deck underneath stays put. I deleted all the decking and drew it again, now I just get railing with no deck. I know there is a check in a box somewhere to fix but have had no luck. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Chief 9 semi rookie user.
  9. mountaineer

    Editing Auto Dimensions?

    Thank you. I was afraid of that. I searched all of the threads and found nothing. It would be nice if we could just lock our temporary dims where we want them. Thanks for your help.
  10. mountaineer

    Editing Auto Dimensions?

    Is there a way to edit what auto dimensions locate? I'd like to use the tool but don't need so many dimensions on my plan. I just want the important ones. Otherwise the plan gets overrun with dimensions.
  11. mountaineer

    Wall dimensions

    Ok, this might be a very basic question but.... here goes. I need my foundation to be 1.5" less on all four sides than my main floor perimeter dimensions to accommodate siding over the top section of the foundation wall. I can't just change the dimensions because it doesn't change equally on all four sides. I know there is a way to add a -dimension but I haven't had success. Also, if I push the wall manually it only allows me to move in 1" increments. Is there a way to push the wall just 1/2"? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance for any input.
  12. mountaineer

    Dormer Struggles....

    I seem to keep running into the same issues with my dormers....floor trim sticking through the walls and corners that refuse to connect. Thanks in advance for any input....rookie user struggles are real....shed dormer issues.plan
  13. mountaineer

    Exterior wall issues

    Thanks Shane! I'm struggling with the corners meeting under my dormers? If I pull that attic wall over it won't connects. Also on the side with the double gable porch. If you select the exterior wall and zoom in, there are all these crazy points that don't meet. No matter what I do I can't clean them up. Is it something in my wall setting or maybe because of the roof? I have been banging my head trying to clean up that one little area.
  14. mountaineer

    Exterior wall issues

    I'm having trouble getting my first floor walls connecting correctly with the second floor walls. I have all these crazy lines and can't seem to get them to connect. I know this plan is still a mess but the walls are my current struggle. Thanks for any input.... Sample Model.plan
  15. mountaineer

    Floors in space

    Ah! Thank you! I know I shouldn't be using auto roof. This is the first time I've seen this. Thank you for your help. I'm still learning so sometimes I still hit a wall.